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Coiled tubing allow workers to service wells without having to take the well offline. Video provided by of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada (http.. Learn the components of a Coiled Tubing Drilling operation and how they all fit together. Coiled Tubing Drilling is a controlled drilling process, specifical.. Coiled tubing is subject to wear and fatigue during each trip in and out of a wellbore. A new wellsite scanning system helps operators minimize premature tubing failures through continuous monitoring of tubing anomalies as they evolve. CoilScan engineered pipe management service provides a comprehensive CT inspection and monitors wall thickness, OD, and length to determine CT operational. Overview Coiled Tubing Equipment #OilfieldTrainingCenter. Overview Coiled Tubing Equipment #OilfieldTrainingCenter

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. The most obvious example is a production logging operation but stiff wireline operations also include electric set packers, perforating and downhole video. Most drilling operations using coiled tubing also employ the stiff wireline technique in order to steer the BHA Coiled Tubing Operations. All performed on a live well, there are a number of well intervention operations that can be achieved via coiled tubing. These include cleanout and perforating the.

All surface lines must be securely tied down prior to commencing operations. Once the coiled tubing size, flowrates and N2 volumes have been determined, the following should be conducted: 1. Rig up the coiled tubing and pressure test as per standard procedures. 2. Displace the coiled tubing to N2 and perform gas pressure test if required by client Our coiled tubing is used in applications such as drilling, fracturing, logging, perforating, and milling frac plugs, as well as for workover and stimulation operations. Setting a new standard for coiled tubing, we are the first to earn the industry's API certification and to offer integrated coating capabilities Coiled Tubing can be used for a very wide range of jobs such as, Nitrogen lifting wells, Clean-up operations, Spotting acid at the perforations, fishing operations, Spotting cement and PLT. This PetroKnowledge training course will highlight Delivered through coiled tubing we perform a range of mechanical operations. We draw on our expertise of specialists to develop the best deployment method and tooling requirements. - Chemical treatments - Velocity string and straddle deployment - Wellbore Cleanout - Fishing - Millin Coiled Tubing. EV's Optis® memory or real-time cameras are the number one visual solution for production related challenges. By combining leading-edge video technology with ruggedized, pump-through capability, EV provide comprehensive and real-time feedback to support coiled tubing conveyed well interventions. With the ability to circulate.

The impaCT integrated debris removal service from M-I SWACO integrates hole cleaning, debris removal, and solids separation into one solution for coiled-tubing wellbore cleanups. The impaCT service includes a uniquely formulated fluid system, a coiled tubing-specific ferrous debris extraction magnet, and a mobile closed-loop pressure and solids. Now let's quickly analyze this wellbore schematic. This is a well with production casing and tubing. When production tubing is installed into the well, it is typically just lowered to the curve of the lateral. Also, once tubing is installed, operators will not typically produce from the production casing unless the well is operating on rod lift ACTive real-time downhole coiled tubing services is the foundation for a line of innovative CT services using real-time downhole measurements to interpret and optimize treatments while they are still in progress. This not only enables real-time evaluation but also treatment optimization, so the entire intervention can be conducted with one trip. Our coiled tubing units are designed for 38.1 mm to 73.0 mm (1-1/2 in to 2-7/8 in) OD tubing with lengths that service the extended reach challenges of today's horizontal wellbore. In the U.S., STEP's 14 ft wide trailer is one of the largest capacity trailers in the deep reach coiled tubing market today. Injector specifications have been. Coiled Tubing Times Journal; Live video feed from BP's coil tubing operation in Deepwater Horizon oil spill (viewable in IE8) An Introduction to Coiled Tubing: History, Applications, and Benefits // ICoTA, 2005; Coiled Tubing: State of the Industry and Role for NETL // U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, 200

What is coiled tubing. In oil and gas industry, coiled tubing, also called flexible tubing or CT, is a long continuous string of tubing spooled on a large reel. It is normally made from low carbon alloy steel and ranges in diameter from 8 feet to 12 feet. Coiled tubing can be straightened prior to being inserted into the wellbore and recoiled. Coiled tubing technology is widely selected instead since it is equipped to work while production is ongoing even in cases of high-pressure wells. In more explanation, operations such as the replacement of broken equipment and cleanout of the wellbore take place with no need to stop the production process Description. Coiled Tubing has proven to be a useful tool in the Oil & Gas industry in the areas of well intervention, clean outs, and plug milling just to name a few. The advantages over conventional tubing operations are wide ranging as the technology continues to advance in ways that benefit operators ISBN:978-0-9864401-6-8. 281 pages. Covers the spectrum of coiled-tubing operations and is written for both technical and non-technical readers. Provides a general description of coiled tubing units (CTU) and well as CTU components, operations and applications, including CT drilling. Available in print and eBook format Coiled Tubing Interventions - CTI : Discipline: Production and Completions Engineering Level: Foundation Duration: 5 days Instructor(s): Diego Londono Coiled Tubing is one of the most common technologies used for well interventions on a daily basis throughout the oil industry during drilling, completion, and mainly production phases of oil and gas wells around the world

Dustin has been a part of the Cardinal Coil Tubing team since its inception in 2013, serving as Field Supervisor, until assuming the role of Operations Coordinator in 2018. His oilfield career began in 2007 as a Coiled Tubing Assistant for Coil Tubing Services, where he progressed to Field Supervisor The diameter specifications of coiled tubing varies according to the diameter of the wellbore. The diameter of the CT pipe ranges from 25 to 85 mm, roughly, 1 to 3.5 inches. Coiled tubing helps in improving the well & reservoir performance. There are wide range of operations on the site that makes use of coiled tubing such as: Milling; Drillin However, safety in coiled tubing operations is not only the product of equipmentmore » The following article highlights safety guidelines related to CT well control stack components as published in API RP 5C7, Recommended Practice for Coiled Tubing Operations in Oil and Gas Well Services (Dec. 1, 1996) A riserless coil tubing technique applied in open water could lower the cost of subsea well interventions. Developer Island Offshore has proven the system during two campaigns offshore Norway, one involving a test for shallow gas. The company is currently working to extend applications to various types of intervention, including P&A operations, following interest from various North Sea operators

Coil tubing can perform practically any operation for oil well operations whenever utilized accurately. Our role in coiled tubing operations. Due to the rigorous and often extreme conditions of drilling, various components along the coil tubing process wear out through use Snubbing is a type of heavy well intervention performed on oil and gas wells.It involves running the BHA on a pipe string using a hydraulic workover rig. Unlike wireline or coiled tubing, the pipe is not spooled off a drum but made up and broken up while running in and pulling out, much like conventional drill pipe.Due to the large rigup, it is only used for the most demanding of operations. The Agitator™ coiled tubing (CT) tool creates gentle pressure pulses that are proven to help you complete CT operations in extended-reach wells and reduc WWT International Coiled Tubing Services developed WWT Coiled Tubing Tractors™ (CT Tractors) to help coiled tubing operators overcome the problem of CT lockup in complex, extended-reach wells. Our patented, all-hydraulic Tractors with a ball drop and e-line pass-through ability enable you to deploy equipment further and faster than with CT.

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The larger ID enables easier access for future drilling, completions, production or injection operations and maximizes production rates. The system is installed in one trip and does not require any cement or drillouts. The liner system was engineered to withstand the high well pressures and provide enhanced burst and collapse resistance OilField Coiled Tubing Data application made for all specialist who are involved in Oil & Gas exploration and Coiled Tubing Operations. OilField Coiled Tubing Data has most useful informations.

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  1. COILED TUBING - Conclusion: BP develops guidelines for 16Cr CT. This second of two articles reports on a study by BP Exploration (Alaska) of the behavior of 16Cr coiled tubing in field tests on.
  2. Conventional coiled tubing is limited by the fatigue life of its bias weld. In contrast, the uniform microstructure of BlueCoil ® offers an advantage in string longevity and fatigue resistance. This allows additional strength, greater reliability and a longer, more useful life for coiled tubing operations
  3. Reporting & Prevention. Visit Reporting & Prevention. Hurricane Season Information. Incident Reporting. Oil Spill Emergency Contact Procedures. Potential Incident of Noncompliance. Performance Improvement Plans. Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Safety Alerts Program
  4. Premier Coil Solutions manufactures a variety of coiled tubing equipment for land and offshore operations. Design, engineering, and fabrication are done in-house at our Houston headquarters to ensure consistently reliable equipment that is delivered on time and exceeding customer's expectations. Whatever your coiled tubing equipment needs.
  5. g downhole applications in live (under pressure) wells. Sep 1st, 2003. View Image Gallery

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Monitor and analyze coiled tubing operations and job data in real-time. Fact Sheet STEP is a fully integrated energy services company, providing fit-for-purpose solutions to producers in Canada and the United States The CoilFRAC service combines CT and selective fracturing technology enabling multiple zones to be treated in a single trip. In new wells, each zone is perforated conventionally in one wellsite visit. CT is then run in hole with a straddle tool BHA. The bottom zone is straddled, and the fracture stimulation is pumped through the CT string Reference guide for coiled tubing operations and services This 136-page handbook is the definitive reference guide for information on coiled tubing operations and services This updated edition will provide readers with knowledge and fundamentals of coiled tubing technology, along with information on the latest developments and applications Expro is a leading global provider of well intervention services. We are the world's largest independent wireline service supplier, employing more than 1,100 people in support of our wireline operations globally. We have an established track record across all aspects of well intervention and employ some of the industry's most experienced hands MRD provides State of the Art Thru-Tubing tools for Coiled Tubing and Jointed Pipe operations. Our logging assembly is the most sought after data acquisition sub with 100 wells logged in the past year. We are heavy into Research and Development with new tools being brought to the market every year

Snubbing units have evolved into one of the most capable and efficient well servicing tools in the oil & gas industry. In the 1920's, the need for a rig to work with pressures at surface drove the. This Coiled-Tubing Drilling (CTD) Sound Practices Manual provides tools needed by CTD engineers and supervisors to plan, design and perform safe, successful CTD operations. As emphasized throughout, both careful planning and attention to detail are mandatory for success. A bibliography of many useful CTD references is presented in Chapter 6 Home - Teledrill. IMPROVE COILED TUBING OPERATIONS. Teledrill provides power and information to optimize coiled tubing operations during plug drill-out, annular fracking and well intervention. POWER. Teledrill's Intellipulsar™ delivers force and reduces friction to extend coiled tubing reach in high angle and horizontal wells Designed to handle 2- to 4½-in. coiled tubing strings, this model is capable of running high-strength large-OD tubing designs with superior slow speed control (inches per minute). The HR-6140 has a 140,000-lb continuous lifting capacity and 70,000-lb continuous snubbing capacity Reasons For Coiled Tubing Operations. Coiled Tubing Advantages/Disadvantages. Removal of Sand, Scale or Other Soilds Impeding Production. Completing for Production from a New Reservoir. Stimulating a Reservoi

Conventional coiled tubing methods for removing BaSO4 can require tens of trips and multiple changes at the surface between wireline and coiled tubing reels. Missed runs and non-productive time (NPT) are common in BaSO4 removal operations, driving up costs, delaying production, and increasing safety risks to personnel at the surface Jason Coiled Tubing. November 23, 2020 ·. #Study on High Temperature Properties of Coiled Tubing by JASON. The downhole temperature is above 200℃ in some oil well operations. It is of reference value for coiled tubing operation at high temperature to evaluate change in mechanical property of coiled tubing material at high temperature through.

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NOV Devin's compensated coiled tubing lift frame delivers support for completion and post-completion deployment in coiled tubing and wireline operations. Compared to standard passive compensator systems, the new lift frame helps improve safety, reduce human error, and eliminate the need for manual stroke adjustment TL;DR: In recent months, the Dask team has started refactoring task graph processing and the scheduler in order to handle large, complex workloads better and to provide a better interactive user experience. A key piece of the refactor involves moving parts of the graph processing from the Client to the Scheduler. You won't need to change your code — but understanding task graphs and the. An operator in Asia were experiencing reduced production rates on a recently drilled and completed well - remedial ops were to perform a routine N2 lift with coil tubing N2 lift through 1.5 coil tubing string - whilst running in hole to the target depth of 2,996 meters, the coil tubing string got stuck at 2,986 meter

OIL & GAS OPERATOR REPRESENTATIVE (OGOR) Formerly WellCap Workover/Well Servicing, this course is designed for those responsible for oversight, such as well site leaders, company man, etc. This course covers the coil tubing, snubbing, wireline, and workover operational processes of well control The Packers Plus Coiled Tubing (CT) Activated Completion System provides the ultimate flexibility in operational performance. The specially designed CT Sleeves can be oriented in the wellbore for either shift up or shift down activation, depending on completion program requirements Coiled tubing lock-up and yield due to buckling are also discussed. These equations can also be used for other coiled tubing operations, such as coiled tubing workover, coiled tubing well stimulation, and even for conventional joint-connected drill strings. Calculations based on the equations presented are also compared with the previous. A coiled tubing conveyance apparatus includes a tubing injector and a guide roller frame having a coiled tubing reel attached thereto movably mounted on the tubing injector. The guide roller frame includes at least one guide roller to straighten a coiled tubing extended from the coiled tubing reel. A transverse motion apparatus is coupled to the tubing injector and the guide roller frame such. Field Operations. Halliburton sets the standard for superior service. When customers see the Halliburton red coveralls they know they are in the hands of the industry's best-trained Professionals. EXPLORE > Manufacturing. Whether you're newly qualified or an experienced professional, we have fantastic career opportunities across our.

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  1. Additionally, the usage of coiled tubing for the performance of multiple field operations comprising well cleaning and competition will bolster Europe coiled tubing industry growth through the.
  2. Data and AI operations startup Coiled nabs $21M. Kyle Wiggers @Kyle_L_Wiggers May 18, 2021 6 while AIOps is the application of AI in IT operations — a combination of big data and machine.
  3. The Axial Pyro Torch is the best kept secret in the oilfield. MCR engineers have recognized the flexibility, and increasing number of applications, for the APT. Well operators, service companies, and in particular, fishing companies will be happy to know there is a solution for metallic debris stuck in the wellbore. The Axial Pyro Torch is designed to be run down on top of the debris and burn.

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Coiled Line Pipe. Coiled Line Pipe is a continuously milled length of steel tubing. The pipe is externally coated in line before spooling and final testing. It is ideally suited for well tie-ins, long flowlines and pipelines. Coiled Line Pipe allows for a project to be completed without field welding Coiled Tubing is one of the most common technologies used for well intervention on a daily basis throughout the oil industry during drilling, completion, and production phases of oil & gas wells around the world. This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course covers the surface and pressure control equipment, the bottom-hole assembly components, the details of the different types of. A downhole video camera and multi-arm caliper run on coiled tubing were used for the first time in Saudi Aramco gas wells. The well is a gas producing well in a thick carbonate structure and was drilled at a high angle to intersect several different porosity layers within the formation A Coiled-Tubing-Deployed Downhole Video System. 92SPE. Coil Tubing Fishing Operations Utilize a First Time Technique to Strip Over and Recover 9500 Feet of Stuck Slickline Wire. 95SPE. Well Work Challenges in a Matured Offshore Operations. 06APDT CoilData hosts more than 6,000 coiled tubing strings and 185,000 jobs for 40 service companies accumulated since 2009. We have statistics for over 530,000 plugs from 15,260 milling operations for more than 200 oil & gas companies worldwide, processed in real-time using our proprietary analytics to provide a unique database of industry KPI

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Coiled Tubing Spec Sheets. Global Tubing's proprietary steel chemistry, experienced manufacturing and technical personnel, state-of-the-art mill technology and digital control systems deliver consistently higher quality products. Our coiled tubing spec sheets provide users with the related technical data including tolerances and mechanical. Coiled tubing. Coiled tubing (CT) is an electric-welded tube manufactured with one longitudinal seam formed by high-frequency induction welding without the addition of filler metal. Coiled tubing can be used in well intervention, and more recently, in drilling operations FlatPak features an innovative design incorporating multiple coiled tubing strings or electrical conduits into one uniform body using a high strength thermoplastic jacket. FlatPak's versatility makes it the ideal, low-cost solution for a wide range of operations Tenaris's coiled tubing is used in applications such as milling frac plugs, fishing, drilling, fracturing, logging, perforating, as well as for workover and stimulation operations. Setting a new standard for coiled tubing, Tenaris is the first to have developed a quench and tempered product that delivers two to four times the performance of. Land-Based Coiled Tubing Equipment. Whether the task entails drilling out composite plugs and frac sand, routine maintenance, remediation, jetting, or specialty applications, our Reeled Tubing Division has the Performance Experts and equipment to get the job done. We offer safe and efficient coiled tubing services along with state of the art.

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  1. Pipe Vibration has numerous applications in stuck pipe recovery; from freeing stuck coil tubing without cutting or damaging the coil to recovering screens, screen packers, and liners. Sanded or mud-stuck tubing, including seal assemblies can be recovered without the need for washover or jarring
  2. g mill, longitudinally welded through forge welding (usually called HFIW or high.
  3. TCU, Polyurethane Coil Tubing. The TCU series is a polyurethane coil tubing that is very flexible and makes compact piping possible. The TCU series comes in three different tube sizes and comes in the standard color of black. Number of tubes: 1, 2, 3. Fluid: Air
  4. um and other materials. All custom bent components are offered in sizes ranging from .032″ to 1″ diameters, as well as numerous wall thicknesses, with
  5. Coiled tubing use expands. The shift to drilling horizontal laterals, especially in shale oil and gas plays in the US, has led companies often to use coiled tubing units for well completion and.
  6. Iowa Precision is the leader in custom designed and manufactured blanking, multi-blanking processing systems and cut to length systems, and has the coil metal processing experience and proven know-how to develop exacting coil metal processing systems to meet the specific goals of Iowa Precision's Coil Metal Processing customers, worldwide

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Pioneer Energy Services provides land contract drilling services and production services to independent and major oil and gas exploration and production companies. Production services include well servicing and wireline services. Founded in 1968, Pioneer operates a modern fleet of top performing drilling rigs throughout onshore oil and gas. SpinCat. Over 45 years of waterblast knowledge ensures the SpinCat family of tools remain the industry leading downhole rotating washtool. Providing a durable, controlled rotation solution for a wide range of well intervention operations. more >

We have restricted travel to only essential trips needed to support ongoing operations, implemented a strict ban on international travel for all others. The primary method of contacting WWT remains through phone call or email, should a more detailed meeting be required, all of our global facilities and commercial staff have video conferencing. He has coordinated testing operations at well sites with authority over all service companies at rig and rig-less environments, both land and offshore including deep water. While coordinating completion and testing phases, he became familiar with Electric wire line, Coil Tubing and Slick line operations

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June 3, 2021. Credit: Logan Industries. Views. 124 Views. Hempstead, Texas-based oil and gas equipment company Logan Industries has said it has delivered a custom-built 'skinny' coiled tubing lift frame (CTLF) for an unnamed client in Trinidad. The job scope involved providing a safe and consistent platform to stack up/rig up wellbore. tl;dr. Snowflake is a leading cloud data platform and SQL database.. Dask is a leading framework for scalable data science and machine learning in Python.. This article talks about why and how to use both together, and dives into the challenges of bulk parallel reads and writes into data warehouses, which is necessary for smooth interoperability For applications such as drilling, completions, and remediation, coiled tubing offers the benefits of reduced costs, increased insertion speed, and reduced environmental impact. Coiled tubing possesses a limitation, however, in that it can buckle in service causing damage to the tube and disruption of operations

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  1. Completion (oil and gas wells) Well completion is the process of making a well ready for production (or injection) after drilling operations. This principally involves preparing the bottom of the hole to the required specifications, running in the production tubing and its associated down hole tools as well as perforating and stimulating as.
  2. Europe Coiled Tubing Industry demand is projected to register around 8% CAGR between 2021 and 2027, supported by growing adoption of advanced drilling system.Selbyville, Delaware, May 03, 2021.
  3. ates runs and reduces surface footprint by integrating full wireline capability with.
  4. Benefits. CTD has a number of benefits that can help unlock the potential of wells, navigating the reservoir quickly and accurately, often increasing the ROP and delivering increased returns to the operator. A number of factors help reduce the cost of CTD operations, which can be as much as 30-40%, including: . the reduced rig time (through.
  5. Rotating Joint. Forum's Coiled Tubing rotating joints / swivels are designed to support your CT pumping operations with a variety of bore sizes, connection types, and shapes. Multi-style seals and a heavy duty bearing design in a hydraulic oil bath ensures a wide pressure sealing range and a long, reliable service life
  6. Wireline - Slickline Simulators. The simulator has a physical wireline operator console used in the field with a real-time graphical representation of the view from inside the cab for realistic and immersive training. Instructors can educate and evaluate trainees in a safe and controlled environment with the customisable surface equipment and.

Drilling or workover rigs, iconic symbols of the oil field, are not always required for drilling, completions or maintenance operations. Increasingly, the coiled tubing unit is used for many well intervention operations and certain drilling applications. Watch out this page for the release!!! Demand for Coiled Tubing Operations From Shale Development in North America is the Major Reason for the Higher Number of Active Fleets in the Region 7.2.2 Europ Based on patented cutting technology, MCR's Radial Cutting Torch tool, or RCT™ tool, is used to sever tubing, casing, drill pipe, and coiled tubing without the use of explosives or hazardous materials, making it one of the safest pipe recovery tools on the market for oilfield operations using slickline & wireline

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  1. Abdo, J, & Al-Sharji, H. Investigation of Inducing Vibration to Reduce Friction of Coiled Tubing in Deep Drilling Operations. Proceedings of the ASME 2014 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Volume 4B: Dynamics, Vibration, and Control. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. November 14-20, 2014. V04BT04A009. ASME
  2. The global coiled tubing market has been segmented by service type and application. Based on service type, the coiled tubing market has been divided into well intervention, drilling, and others
  3. WWT LFCP Model* Tubing Size Cable Size Outside Diameter Overall Length Maximum Temp Std Clamp Material; 278-128R: 2.88 Up to 1.3 Round: 5.5 5.5 240°
  4. For Coil Tubing Slim Coil Tubing Carrier suitable for 1 iGauge . Used with our ¾'' iGauge or iQuartz tools they can be customized for all kinds of operations you may have. Download + Newsletter Subscribe to our Newsletter . Email address: Leave this field empty if you're human:.
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TCP. 1. n. [Perforating] Abbreviation for tubing-conveyed perforating, the use of tubing, drillpipe or coiled tubing to convey perforating guns to the required depth. Initially, the technique was developed as a means for conveying the gun string on the production tubing, with the guns remaining in the well until they are removed during the. Shifting preference towards innovative drilling techniques in order to improve well operations is a major factor driving the coiled tubing market growth STEP was built on innovation and we continue to deliver solutions designed to improve our clients' ability to bring more energy to market. Below are some of our most recent innovations. But it doesn't stop here - we have a team of professionals dedicated to developing new technology. From research, and field testing, to being first to the. Saudi Aramco Technologies Company and AccessESP are pleased to announce that they have signed a worldwide commercialization agreement of the JumpStart™ flowback and well cleanup service

Our fleet of low and high rate pumps, transport units and storage bulkers, provide support for coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing operations and are also used for a variety of stand-alone industrial plant and pipeline service applications. STEP's high-rate N 2 pumping units provide 1,350 HHP, 15 scm/min up to 310 scm/min with a two speed. Free shipping on millions of items. Get the best of Shopping and Entertainment with Prime. Enjoy low prices and great deals on the largest selection of everyday essentials and other products, including fashion, home, beauty, electronics, Alexa Devices, sporting goods, toys, automotive, pets, baby, books, video games, musical instruments, office supplies, and more A Coiled cluster table provides visibility into critical cluster details, such as status, number of workers, configuration, and cost. Source: Coiled.io. Accelerate your data science and machine learning projects today on a Coiled cluster. Coiled can handle security, container environments, and team management, so you can get back to doing data. Cudd Energy Services. May 2009 - Dec 20156 years 8 months. Broussard, Louisiana. Field engineering and technical support for predominantly coiled tubing operations. Also experienced in snubbing.

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Coiled scales Python to the cloud for data professionals. Based on Dask, the leading Python-native solution for distributed computing, Coiled has hosted more than 100M tasks for data professionals, scientists, and researchers around the globe including Capital One, Anthem Health, and the Air Force to solve challenges in business, research, and science Supervised Coil tubing wash out operations in West Cote Blanche Bay and in Hackberry field. Supervise Slickline & E-line operations. Wellsite Consultan

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Blowout Preventer (BOP) | Trican Well ServiceCoil Tubing Tech for Efficient Fracking - The WaterCoiled Tubing - goes-wellIoT in Oil & Gas Industry | ThingsConnect :: World'sWeatherford Frac - Only The Strong Survive - YouTube