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They correspond to the natural orientation of collagen fibres in the dermis and usually lie parallel to underlying muscle fibres. They are an important consideration in surgery and if incisions are made in the direction of Langer's lines they tend to heal better and produce less scarring than those that cross them. Fig 1 Lines of cleavage are important because a cut that runs parallel to a cleavage line will usually remain closed, whereas a cut at right angles to a cleavage line will sever elastic fibers in the skin and thus be pulled open as they recoil. A parallel cut will heal faster and with less scarring than a cut at right angles to cleavage lines

Lines of cleavage are of utmost importance to surgeons, because a cut made parallel to a line of cleavage will usually remain closed with only minimal bleeding. Such a cut heals with a minimum of.. The best-known skin tension lines are the Langer lines, named for Karl Langer, who described them in 1861. These are also called cleavage lines because they were determined by piercing cadaver skin with an awl (a small pointed tool for piercing holes in leather) and observing the orientation of the resulting wound To heal the wound faster. If the incision is made perpendicular to the cleavage line, more fibrin will be damaged. And also to reduce scalp Knowing the direction of Langer's lines within a specific area of the skin is important for surgical operations, particularly cosmetic surgery. If a surgeon has a choice about where and in what direction to place an incision, he or she may choose to cut in the direction of Langer's lines

5) Why should a surgeon cut along the tension (cleavage) lines when performing surgery? It is important to cut parallel to the tension lines because this will result in the edges staying closed, healing better, and with less chance of scarring. 6) Explain why the skin appears tanned, or darker, after spending time in the sun cleavage lines: [TA] lines that can be extrapolated by connecting linear openings made when a round pin is driven into the skin of a cadaver, resulting from the principal axis of orientation of the subcutaneous connective tissue (collagen) fibers of the dermis; they vary in direction with the region of the body surface. Synonym(s): lineae. why are lines of cleavage important to At any one location, majority of collagen and elastic fibers a an arrangement of collagen and elastin fibers because they need to cut parallel to cleave for better healin Skin tension lines, also known as Langer's lines or lines of cleavage, are linear clefts in the skin that indicate the direction of orientation of the underlying collagen fibers. If the skin is disrupted parallel to the long axis of the fibers, the wound tends to reapproximate

This is why surgeons choose to make incisions parallel to cleavage lines The from PSY 240 at University of Toronto, Mississaug Cleavage lines, or Langer's lines, are important because surgeons utilize these lines for the ideal places for skin incisions in order for minimal tension across the wound, and result in a scar that fades amongst the natural creases on patients

Langer's lines can have important implications for surgery, particularly in cosmetic procedures where the goal may be to minimize the appearance of scarring. Langer's lines are areas of tension in the skin created by underlying collagen structures. Wounds created parallel to the lines tend to take the form of narrow slits, while perpendicular. Perky: Why The Cleavage Line Is Key Anatomically, the breast is divided into quadrants, or quarters. The upper-inner quadrant is the critical portion of the breast, from both a cosmetic and a sexual standpoint. This is your 'cleavage' line, or the part that sticks out of your v-neck sweater

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This produces cleavage lines, or tension lines, in the skin, and the skin is most resistant to stretch along these lines (figure 5.3). It is important for surgeons to be aware of cleavage lines. An incision made across the cleavage lines is likely to gap and produce considerable scar tissue, but an incision made parallel with the lines tends to. Find the diameter by measuring in a straight line from the outer part of your breast next to your arm, to the beginning of your cleavage. Most women measure between 11 and 14 cm in this area. Once you have your beast width measurement, you can determine the size implant you need. For example, if your measurement is 11 cm, the best-looking. These invisible lines occur over the entire body: They run longitudinally in the skin of the limbs and head and in circular patterns around the neck and trunk. A knowledge of cleavage lines is important to surgeons. Incisions made parallel to these lines tend to gape less and heal more readily than incisions made across cleavage lines. Figure 2 scar tissue to form, they do know that hypertrophic scars and keloids can result from burns, insect bites, acne, chicken pox, piercings, tattoos, and surgery. Researchers have also found that.. Breast width diameter (BWD) is the measurement of your breast width. Using a soft tape measure, your plastic surgeon will pull the tape tight, giving him a flat plane or straight line. Measurements are then taken from the cleavage to the outermost edge of the breast, near your arm

Biodynamic Excisional Skin Tension Lines for Cutaneous Surgery. Authors: Paul, Sharad P. Provides the original concept of excisional skin tension lines. An important work in the field of surgical foundations. First major new concept in skin tension lines since Langer's cleavage lines in 1861. Buy this book This slight difference is less relevant when the implants are placed behind the pectoralis major muscle, which enhances concealment of the implants in the upper pole and cleavage area. Another important difference is the interaction between the implant shell and the fibrous capsule that one's body forms around the implants

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  1. I don't find fat grafting as good as implants, Ellenbogen states. The most important thing in plastic surgery is to know how things will last down the line. Implants have a 40-year history and everybody knows everything about them — the good, the bad, and the ugly. With fat, we don't
  2. Berks Plastic Surgery offers a number of procedures to enhance the breast, body, and face. Our skilled and experienced team of professionals offer comprehensive treatment options for improving the appearance and health of the skin, including multiple laser resurfacing procedures, spider vein therapy, and corrective facials
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The Photo Attached Is Of A General Map Of Langer Lines. CY Why Would It Be Important This problem has been solved! See the answer. Show transcribed image text. Expert Answer . 1.Langer's lines also called as cleavage lines are the lines that are drawn on the human body which indicate the direction of orientation of collagen fibres under the. Call The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery Team to find out how our team's education and experience with BOTOX ® in Portland can make a difference for you. Dial 503-646-0101 or 1-800-310-7901 today, or schedule a consultation online. Schedule a Consultation. *Patient results may vary This patient had a breast augmentation by a different surgeon and was unhappy with the bottoming out and lack of cleavage. Dr. Ewart corrected the problem by placing a wider implant that better fit the patients frame, re-elevating the pectoralis muscle, and tightening the lower pocket. The patient was extremely happy with the results Junction lines are fixed landmarks that separate the cosmetic units of the face. (See the image below.) Placing the suture lines on these boundaries (eg, eyebrow, nasolabial fold) optimizes scar formation. When a surgical wound is closed, repairing the wound in a cosmetic unit along a junction line is best

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Edward P. Miranda, in Pediatric Surgery (Seventh Edition), 2012 Polythelia and Polymastia. Supernumerary nipples (polythelia) and supernumerary breasts (polymastia) are relatively common congenital abnormalities with an incidence of approximately 0.2% to 2.5% (polythelia) and 0.1% to 1.0% (polymastia) (see also Chapter 61).Both of these deformities are observed to form along the milk lines. Abdominal access presentation 1. Abdominal Access Dr. Pashi V Prof: Munkonge THE UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL. 2. Relevant anatomy of the abdomen Region of the trunk between the thorax and the pelvis Generally abdomen includes false pelvis Abdomen proper excludes the false pelvis Functions of the abdomen: Houses and protects major viscera Assists in breathing Accounts for change in intra. Human cartilage is a complex tissue of matrix proteins that vary in amount and orientation from superficial to deep layers and from loaded to unloaded zones. A major challenge to efforts to repair cartilage by stem cell-based and other tissue engineering strategies is the inability of the resident c

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Men, like babies, love breasts. When a woman's nipples are stimulated during breastfeeding, the neurochemical oxytocin, otherwise known as the love drug, floods her brain, helping to focus her. Bottom Line. Choosing the right breast implant projection is challenging for you because it's a complex topic to understand for a layman. This is why you need to choose a cosmetic surgeon that can guide you throughout the process. ‍ Interested in a consultation for Plastic Surgery in San Antonio? Choose Alamo Plastic Surgery

• Elastin & collagen fibers oriented in directions • Important in surgery • When incision parallel to lines • Less gaping • Faster healing • Less scar tissue Cleavage lines (Lines of Langer) 18. Dermatome 19. Skin color Determined by 3 factors 1. Pigments • Melanin • Carotene • Albinism: Deficiency or absence of pigment 2 Breast reconstruction with breast implants is a complex procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. The breast reconstruction process can start at the time of your mastectomy (immediate reconstruction), or it can be done later (delayed reconstruction). The breast reconstruction process usually requires two or more operations

Whistle-blowing doctor's open letter to the head of the NHS. Dr Sam White is a Hampshire-based General Practitioner (GP) focusing on functional and holistic medicine. In early 2021 Dr White resigned from a partnership in a medical practice, and last month heposted a video to social media explaining the reasoning behind his decision, citing. Metastasis is the leading reason for the resultant mortality of patients with cancer. The past few decades have witnessed remarkable progress in understanding the molecular and cellular basis of this lethal process in cancer. The current article summarizes some of the key progress in this area and discusses the role of cell junctions, cell adhesions, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, angio. 3. Being sexually selfish -- or clueless. In the bedroom, some men forget -- or, worse, haven't figured out -- that their wives often need more than they do to get turned on, Maslow says

treatment marking lines. It is important to not have thick creams on the skin at the time of treatment. Pure aloe gel (alcohol free) may also be used as above. If the Aquaphor does not relieve itching, over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help. Apply the hydrocortisone cream first and then the Aquaphor It's also important to understand that breast implants may need to be replaced eventually. Breast implants can last anywhere between 10 and 20 years. Ask our surgeon what you can expect from your implants. Prepare Yourself for What Lies Ahead . If you choose to move forward with breast implant surgery, you will come in for an outpatient surgery Both host and bacterial factors are important in the effects of an infective organism on a joint, in particular, the articular cartilage [].In knock-out mouse studies, the loss of macrophage-derived cytokines, e.g. lymphotoxin α, tumour necrosis factor α (TNF α), and interleukin 1 (IL-1) receptor, and absence of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10, increases the morbidity and mortality of. This book is a detailed review of the 'state-of-the art' of skin lines in cutaneous surgery. Surgical literature is inundated with references to Langer's Lines, Cleavage Lines, Wrinkle Lines and Relaxed Skin Tension Lines, but this title discusses the difference between these and incisional and excisional lines biomechanically, introducing the concept of biodynamic excisional skin. Hollywood is a strange town filled with surgeons, sure, but even that couldn't explain the phenomenon of women collectively parading a display of indefatigably perky boobs

Contact The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery in Portland, Oregon. Contact our board-certified surgeons to schedule a consultation for rhinoplasty in Portland, Oregon, today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call 503-882-0124 or 1-800-501-6548. Schedule a Consultation Symptoms. Breast tissue normally might feel lumpy or ropy and you may have tenderness that comes and goes with your menstrual period. If you have an underlying breast condition, you might notice changes in how your breasts normally feel, such as: A round, smooth and firm breast lump. A large, solid-feeling lump that moves easily under your skin It's important to keep the skin of the neck out of the sun and to keep it well moisturized. which can also be used on the cleavage line, jawline and cheek line -- does require maintenance.

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The jowl formation is the result of masseteric cutaneous ligament laxity, which develops in the cleavage plane between the superficial and deep fascia of the face. These jowls are best addressed with a facelift. jaw line, and neck based on the surgeon's judgment. The scar around the earlobe is perhaps the most important. The scar. Vivisection. Vivisection (pronounced vih-vih-SEK-shun) literally means the dissection or cutting of a living animal. The term has come to apply to any and all types of experiments on live animals, and it is a term to which many scientists object. People who believe that humans have no right to perform any type of experiments on animals are. The difficulty with tumours in the head and neck is that surgery or invasive procedures could affect very important functions such as speech and swallowing. Radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy is often used as a first line treatment for patients with tumours that are in hard to reach places where surgery might affect these functions I found it by chance. Her response was, it was for a news channel contest, and I didn't think you'd like it, so I didn't tag you, going that you wouldn't see it. I lost my cool and spoke very angrily to her (I don't yell. I describe my yelling as, the voice you use when trying to order food in a drive through)

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The phenotypic and biochemical similarities between caspase-mediated apoptosis and cellular differentiation are striking. They include such diverse phenomenon as mitochondrial membrane. The 48-year-old stunned in an animal print bikini as she lapped up the warm Canadian sunshine. Tara's fifties-style suit showed off a hint of cleavage and she gave a nod to her second home.

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Body's first line of defense against environment Has two major components 1. Cutaneous membrane 2. (cleavage) lines Clinically significant for surgery and wound healing •Cuts parallel to cleavage -Heal better and with less scarring •Cuts perpendicular to cleavage -Tend to pull open, resulting i F at grafting is one of the most exciting areas of innovation to hit plastic surgery in the last two decades. It's recycling at its best. During the fat grafting procedure, you're taking excess fat from an area where you don't want it such as the outer thighs, hips or abdomen, and placing it in an area where you do want it, like the breasts, face and buttocks Surgical resection of cancer remains an important treatment modality. Despite advances in preoperative imaging, surgery itself is primarily guided by the surgeon's ability to locate pathology with conventional white light imaging. Fluorescence-guided surgery (FGS) can be used to define tumor location and margins during the procedure

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There are several types of breast massages performed whenever a person receives breast lift surgery or breast implants in a breast augmentation only. These are critical and important in the entire recovery process. The average patient does not begin massaging until about 3-4 days after the surgery, until the pressure and pain has been relieved 1. Makeup hacks. Makeup is a great way to give your breasts some oomph without spending a lot of cash. A pearly body cream can make your cleavage pop, while a dark bronzer can add a cup size or two It is important that you speak to your surgeon before resuming any physically demanding tasks. Week six to month three; From about six weeks to three months after surgery the rest of the tissues surrounding the implants should heal and all swelling should subside. The final shape of your breasts will take form, and the scars will start to fade

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Should women celebrate the attention and perks that a cleavage-revealing top can deliver, What about boob jobs, currently the second most common plastic surgery performed in the U.S Surgery. Different types of surgery can be used to treat basal cell cancers. Curettage and electrodesiccation: This is a common treatment for small basal cell carcinomas. It might need to be repeated to help make sure all of the cancer has been removed. Excision: Excision (cutting the tumor out) is often used to remove basal cell carcinomas. Here are some other tips on caring for stitches: Resist the urge to scratch. You could pull them out. Don't swim. Wait until your stitches are out before you go into the pool or pond. Do take. The answer was a resounding yes. They all fall into the idea of balanced thirds with the horizontal sections of their face, he said. And when you look at the central canthus of their.

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Here's one way to do it: Let's take a little bit of the taboo out of words like lingerie, breasts, cancer, and mastectomy. Let's start having conversations about this. Let's help ease the fear and discomfort and allow space for love, encouragement, and understanding. Let's create a safe environment where family. Breast cellulitis, as with other forms of cellulitis, is treated with antibiotics. These are typically taken for 7-10 days to make sure that the infection doesn't come back

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Cleavage - the many factors that determine the type of cleavage that you can achieve. The cleavage achieved after surgery is dependent on many things. These include: The quality of pre-existing breast tissue Pre-existing cleavage skin: Is the skin tight and tethered to chest bone; Or is it loose and fre 1 Median Sternotomy2 Pacemaker Incision3 Thoracotomy3.1 Posterolateral Incision3.2 Anterolateral Incision3.3 Axillary Incision A surgical incision is an aperture into the body to permit the work of the planned operation to proceed. In cardiothoracic surgery, the routinely used incisions are the midline sternotomy, thoracotomy and pacemaker incisions. In this article, we shall look at the. UVA employees may maintain their primary work addresses (both physical work location and messenger mail address) in Workday.Not sure of your messenger mail address Surgery. Larger veins under pressure are best removed surgically, either as an office procedure or an outpatient hospital procedure, says Dr. Anton. The veins are removed through small incisions. The 6 Most Gratuitously Cleavaged Women on TV. Nudity and television have an uneasy relationship. Sex sells, but TV can't even show nipples. Television has found a happy medium in breast cleavage--that innocent eye candy for emasculated husbands and prepubescent boys alike. However, cleavage is such an effective marketing tool that it also. The most important thing, though, is the brush—badly blended contour just isn't cute. Next, draw a straight line from the middle of your chest down the center of your cleavage and add lines.