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Oreo has been one of my favorite Facebook Pages for a long time because of the creative things they do. With this post, the have a video with the Oreo under the cup and you guess where it ends up. While some people in the post seemed to get it right away, most people had to watch the video twice (I did). This is a great example of entertainment With this strategy, Walmart found a 650% increase in Facebook likes over more traditional 'here's a picture of some popcorn that's on sale' posts. Here's how Walmart did it: Things I like: 1. Easy Engagement: The post has two simple options that make it easy to engage. I also like the use of large, enticing images, making it easy for users to make the decision Facebook's news feed algorithm rewards posts about trending topics. For example, say the new trend is flying elephants. So you publish a post about a flying elephant sighting. Facebook algorithm likes this Why to Post This on Facebook: Just like with the TGIF recommendation above, it's imperative that you frame your Facebook posts around what people are thinking about. Current events and holidays are first and foremost with this strategy. And don't be scared to get creative with these kinds of posts Other People's Content. Website/Blog posts. Podcasts. Here's a mind-mapping infographic showing the 6 types: Now I'd like to break down the first 3 of these post types -- and also give you some examples. 1. Images. Images are the cornerstone of Facebook

Check out these 8 examples of powerful Facebook posts to learn how top nonprofits are using Facebook to engage their community, fundraise online, and find out how you can do the same to extend your reach in the social media space. Creating great Facebook posts is a vital part of a successful social media campaign tweet thi We've received a ton of feedback from our clients and their two biggest struggles with Facebook posts were creativity and time. So, to help get the creative juices flowing and to help you save time, we've created a list of 75 creative Facebook post ideas to help you increase engagement, initiate conversations, enhance branding, and generate leads These types of posts ask your readers to show or share something that they've done, written, created etc. The 'show us your photoblog' link above is an example of this. So to was another of my posts - ' Share Your Best Photo '. 4 In this post, we're going to take a look at what you need to start using Facebook and Instagram Stories from a sales perspective, and what various best practices look like in 17 amazing examples of Facebook and Instagram Stories that convert

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How to Create Facebook Group Engagement Posts. To see how easy it is to make up a graphic for any of these ideas. Follow these 3 simple steps. Step 1: Start with an image. Step 2: Add some text. Step 3: Add your watermark. It's that easy! Use any (or all!) of these ideas! You can post them directly to your direct sales Facebook groups or. A few options for the text of the actual Facebook post include: Give a quick summary of the post, explaining why users need to read it. Give a sneak-peek, like Blog posts is one great idea for Facebook posts; click to see the other 13! (You won't believe #12! 3. A perfect Facebook post is sent at non-peak hours. The thought process goes like this: You compete with hundreds of thousands of posts to be seen in the Facebook News Feeds of your fans. If you post your updates when few others are posting, your updates stand a better chance of making it through If you're looking to revamp your Facebook strategy, you must ensure you're posting engaging content that your audience enjoys.Engaging content is the key to increasing reach and interaction with your Facebook Page. If you're curious about what you should post on your business Facebook Page that will resonate with your audience, we've put together a list of 15 different Facebook post.

With a much-needed dose of inspiration from the following Facebook ad examples, you can better understand firsthand what makes an ad work. This combination of paid ads and promo posts not only shows the diversity of Facebook ads at large, but also that there is no one-size-fits-all formula for engagement. And with that, let's dive. Facebook Post Examples for Your Business Page . 1. Polls. Creating a poll on Facebook is quite easy and a great way to add a little fun to your page - or to get some constructive feedback from your followers. Over on my lifestyle blog's Facebook page, Put The Kettle On I use polls to get engagement but to also learn about my audience

Use your real estate Facebook post to give something away for free. For example, a home evaluation, home staging service, or gift. source. Contests also give your lead generation efforts a boost. Ask people to follow your page for a chance to win or ask them to sign up to your email newsletter to hear about even more exclusive contests 16 Great Examples of Church Facebook Posts. June 23, 2015. by Jeremy Smith. My eBook By The Numbers has been out for more than two months now and I wanted to start to show off more of the creative outcome that comes with this study. I've looked at nearly 10,000 church Facebook posts and have seen a lot of great ideas and designs for churches

Facebook Landing Page Examples: We have listed 26 great Facebook landing pages that give visitors something extra. Here is a list of pages that are great for reasons such as engaging content, call-to-actions, incentives, design, and so on. Find out how successful brands create content, photos and app Below is an example of blog posted on the Facebook page of ERA Real Estate. 3) Facebook post ideas for real estate agents: Videos Video generates lots of views, likes, and shares on Facebook. A video is a great medium to communicate with your fans and educate them about your business

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Nonprofit Facebook content tends to fall into a few simple categories like: Fundraising Campaigns. Event Promotion. Supporter Testimonial. Question or Conversation Starter. Impact and Delight. In addition to these five types of engaging nonprofit Facebook posts, you can also take advantage of Classy's integration with Facebook This post will give you ideas that will generate lots of likes, shares and, comments, as well as increasing click throughs to your website. Here are 17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas for Small Business Owners That are Working NOW: 1. Pose a Problem and Ask for Advice. This type of Facebook post idea is great on a number of different levels For example, if you can't use all the Facebook post above because they are created for another niche, you can easily change the keywords inside. And if you want more post ideas, then don't forget to grab your copy of 100 Social Media Post Ideas here

What we love about this post: Creative - Colorful, on-brand, and most-importantly visually familiar, this graphic is an excellent example of how to use design as visual shorthand.Before even reading the caption or the image text, the audience knows this post is full of resources. Copy - The copy is compelling and relatable. It acknowledges the shared pain point, outlines their game plan. 7. Facebook Check-In Contest. In this holiday Facebook contest, users must check-in at your business on Facebook in order to enter to win your prize. When a user checks in at your location, it shows as a post on their friends' News Feeds, which can help amplify your business and increase awareness. 8 Use this Facebook job post template to start advertising your open roles on Facebook. Adjust the template depending on your company's voice (for example, casual or formal). No matter your tone though, make sure to include useful information like: Job title: Put the job title at a prominent place (preferably the headline) to attract the right. 11 Ways To Use Social Media Posts For Insurance Agents. Investing in social media marketing for insurance agents can be profitable. Insurance agents can leverage the power of social media posts as a way to: 1. Increase Visibility Every time I publish a blog post, I use Buffer to automatically send an update to my Facebook page and LinkedIn

1. Relentless posting. Some people post to Facebook 10 or 20 times a day or more. (I'm talking status updates and shares, not responses to other people's posts.) If your family member is in the. Here are some examples of what to post or comment on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ for someone's birthday. This article includes funny birthday wishes, inspirational messages, and cool sayings

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  1. It was hard to find good examples in some of the big brands but the Finish Line has a good About Page. Staples. Staples has a great example of adding their Facebook Page policy into their About section. Use these examples for some inspiration but I think in each of these there is room for some improvement
  2. Facebook ad examples like these are usually centered around holidays (Meowingtons's ads were active on Labour Day), which is as good an excuse as any to host a sale. When it comes to creating copy for your online store, this is a good example of the types of information you should include
  3. 17. Keep Your Audience Engaged with Regular Giveaways. A great way to increase your organic reach is to offer a weekly or monthly giveaway. With regular post interactions, the Instagram and Facebook algorithms will show your content to more of your audience, resulting in more engagement and brand exposure
  4. react to a post; share a post; comment on a post. It is a basic Facebook knowledge. Now an engagement post on Facebook means that a post has been created with a clear objective of engaging people. It's not that hard, right? The trickier part comes when you need ideas of engagement. Because you can't just think of random things to post on Facebook
  5. As of April 2019, Facebook's potential advertising reach globally is 1.887 billion people.That represents 32% of everyone over the age of 13. Statistics also show that people continue to interact with Facebook ads.The average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads in 30 days.. But there's a lot of competition out there, so only the best Facebook ad examples will get one of those coveted 11 clicks
  6. While something of an impulse-buy item, the novelty factor really boosted engagement: 7,000 people liked the post. 11. Grammarly. Grammarly. Grammarly's ad is a good example of an ad that uses a statistic to show why their product is a critical investment: 96% of online daters say good grammar is essential

Here're two key characteristics of Facebook and how you can make good use of them. High character limit for posts: You can type up to 63,206 characters for a Facebook post (though Facebook will truncate your post at about 400 characters). This gives you the flexibility to experiment with both long and short copy 5 key elements of a high converting Facebook post. All high converting Facebook posts have these five elements in common. 1. Standout visuals. A Facebook post without creative is like a store without a window display. Nothing has the power to stop people in their tracks (or stop their thumbs from scrolling) like a good visual Facebook and Instagram Daily Users (via Pew Research Center) Despite talk that Facebook's reach is waning, it's pretty clear people love the site more than ever—70% of Facebook users in the U.S. log into Facebook on a daily basis, compared with 59% on Instagram, 38% on Twitter, 27% on Pinterest, and 22% on LinkedIn, according to stats from Pew Research Center For example, with automated post boosting, you can automatically use provenly effective organic Instagram posts as ads and promote it in the Facebook news feed to custom or lookalike audiences. As you might have already learned from the four post boosting examples I walked through, here's additional benefits for automating this process

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In this example, Damn Good Academy ends their Facebook long-form sponsored post with a friendly message to the reader. I recommend that you test a version that includes the call to action within the body text, as well as one that has it just in the headline Restaurant Facebook Post Ideas That Will Help Increase Engagement On Your Page. 1. Time Your Posts. Posting at the right time of day can make a big difference in how many people see and click what you are sharing. According to this infographic, posts between 1pm - 4pm result in the highest average click through It also needs to be relevant to your post-click landing page. Whether you have a free trial or an ebook download, your landing page should match your Facebook ad. Examples. ThriveHive got the post-click landing page part right, but the campaign could use some message match improvement. Here's the Facebook ad: And here's the post-click. Below are five examples of companies doing it the right way. 1. Accenture. Not only can you apply to work at Accenture and get customized job recommendations directly through their Facebook page (using an app powered by Work4) but the company also fills the page chock full of information and updates for potential applicants If the done for you route sounds like a good option for you, click here to check out these Social Media Image Templates. The image templates are optimized for Instagram, but they also work well on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each image includes two sizes (perfect for posts and stories) of the following: 52 questions to increase.

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Creating Facebook Posts That Provide Value. Facebook reporting often comes down to meaningless metrics. The people upstairs want some numbers to justify using social, so things like likes and shares become the focus of reports. However, these are among the most empty measures of social success. It would be akin to judging your popularity by the. Best and most used facebook statuses about death from our collection. These facebook statuses about death have been hand picked to make sure you would like them. If you just want to get the greatest facebook statuses about death visit this page often and you will never miss them. You can also try out some other best and popular facebook statuses later on

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6 Great Examples of Facebook Quiz Marketing. December 28, 2017. Sebastjan Pirih. has generated 20 million unique visitors and they says that quizzes are smashing traffic records and generating more Facebook comment threads than any viral posts in the site's history. Things will get serious and users will see how good are they on. In this post, we'll share tips on how to write good Facebook intro copy that gets attention and clicks. Part 2: The secret to designing click-worthy Facebook Ads. Part 3: 5 tips for A/B testing your Facebook posts. Part 4: How to craft killer Facebook headlines that leave readers wanting more. Part 5: How to pick the right image for your. Edible Blooms are one eCommerce store who keep things extremely simple with their Facebook ad images - and it works: Example of simple eCommerce Facebook ad. #4. Focused value proposition. If your ad creative is good enough to catch someone's attention you only have a few seconds to entice a click with your ad copy A Facebook KPI or metric is a performance measurement that is used to track specific details of a Facebook Fan Page, a specific campaign or shared content. These indicators (Impressions, Reach, Engagement e. g.) define the value and success of your company on Facebook. Here is the complete list of the most important Facebook KPIs and metrics, that we will discuss in this article in every detail With more than 2 billion people users on Facebook every month, advertising on the platform is a no-brainer. To ensure your ads are not overlooked though, without any action taken from those users, your ads must be engaging.. Facebook post engagement is what really matters, and Facebook engagement ads are an ideal ad type to persuade users to take action

Visit: Sola Cafe Facebook Page. 4. E3 Ranch and Chophouse. With a ton of likes, it is certainly safe to say that the E3 Ranch and Chophouse, located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is doing something right with their Facebook page. Of course, they post new updates on a regular basis, and these posts get people talking Announcing a Death on Facebook Examples. Looking at death announcement wording ideas and Facebook death announcement samples helps you craft your own respectful post. You can use these wording examples and just replace the details or use them as inspiration Trips with Tykes' first post from Leslie covers all the basics: her background and why she started her blog. 14. Have Baby Will Travel. It looks like this post is the first of Have Baby Will Travel's updated blog, and Corinne does a good job of including a call to action to email with input.. 15. Beneath My Heart. Here's a solid all-around intro post from Traci that covers a little. 2. Be topical, timely and relevant - Your posts should be written for immediate action - write your posts so they can be read and engaged with right now. 3. Be visual - Images are the most engaging on Facebook. Adding a good image will attract readers. 4. Keep it short - The shorter, the better. Posts of 80 characters or less are the.

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And Facebook lead ads are a great way to achieve that—but only if you follow best practices, which I'm going to talk about in this post. I'll also show you seven high-converting Facebook lead ad examples and why they work so well. So, if you're ready to create high-performing Facebook lead ads, let's dive in 3 'Welcome' Post Templates (+ tips) to Engage Your Community. How you first welcome new members to your community is important. It's how you set the tone, highlight guidelines, and inform. It's also how you show newcomers that they're more than just a number. The first communication you have with new members is essential Facebook sponsored posts are posts that businesses pay to deliver to a larger audience than their following. They are created through a Facebook business profile and run for short-term campaigns of no longer than seven days. Businesses looking to increase brand awareness without using Facebook Ads Manager should use sponsored posts This example from my own fan page is a post with seven tips for staying safe on Facebook - which received 247 shares. I wrote the udpate on the back of Mashable's blog post about Facebook stating that a staggering 600,000 log-ins per day get compromised. Note the use of the simple, eye-catching image Facebook fan pages have emerged as a universal lifeline to customers. The number of brands sharing news, addressing customer service issues or fostering discussion in these passionate communities is growing rapidly. With the amazing conversations Facebook creates, there are some inherent risks. Creating a set of house rules will encourage productive participation by users and grow [

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For example, in 2018 Mark Zuckerberg announced that public content' i.e. posts from Pages (like your nonprofit's one) will be shown to users less in order to make space for posts from friends. It was also announced that Facebook will be prioritizing local content (which is good news for locally based nonprofits) 10 good examples of Facebook carousel ads; these ads can drive up to 10x more traffic to your website than single-image sponsored posts on Facebook feed. From eCommerce to blogs to B2B services, the multi-card Facebook ads is a great addition to the regular mix of static-image and video ads A brilliant header, clean sidebar, and minimalist footer can go a long way towards making a blog look good. But the one area that's often overlooked in blog design is the post styling. Here are 15 blog post areas that need styling and 30 great examples for you to draw inspiration from. Headlines. The headline should be the first thing they. Step 2: Create a Post. Click the What's on your mind section to create a post. When the pop-up loads, navigate to the Add to your post section and click on the three dots to see more options. Step 3: Create Your Facebook Poll. A new Add to your post screen will load with various options. Select Poll from the list

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Test a combination of strategies to see what works. (see the examples in the next section.) Persistence just don't give up! I'd love to give you ideas that can help in your efforts. So, I compiled a list of 10 examples of actual social media viral content. 10 Examples of Viral Social Media Posts 1. The ALS Ice Bucket Challeng Facebook recommends News Feed ad images be 600 x 225 pixels in order to take advantage of the bigger preview mode. While EE's is that size, there is a ton of wasted white space and the post instantly screams paid ad. A more natural, lifestyle-focussed shot would work much better. 2. Ineffective ad cop You can control who sees your Facebook posts—everyone, friends, friends of friends, or just specific people. If you have friends you don't want snooping on all your posts, restrict their access

Job seekers use social media to research companies and learn about new job opportunities. Use this example of 'We're hiring' social media post to create effective job posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks Good LinkedIn Post Example #4: Mix It Up. Sometimes, short posts that ask a relevant, somewhat charged question lead to good engagement. In this case, the post is only charged from the point of view of somebody hiring/interviewing and SDR. Use caution with this kind of post For example, the picture below shows how to set up a greeting message in WhatsApp Business. And one more thing. You should definitely cover instant messaging and live chat. But your email communication can also benefit from a good greeting email. Welcome email messages are arguably the most important messages in professional email marketing. Example: I am not a racist. If someone doesn't mean something to be racist, that doesn't mean that what they're saying isn't rooted in racism. In instances like these, the reminder impact not intent is helpful. If you're saying something harmful, your good intention doesn't lessen that harm

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Best Facebook cover photos: 50 examples of businesses with great cover photos By ShareThisDecember 11, 2018 Thought Leadership No Comments 0 Ah, the Facebook cover photo. Your personal billboard. Your first impression. Your chance to shine. There have been many changes and updates to Facebook cover photos - psst! check out the latest guidelines for [ Fotor's free Facebook post maker is a good choice for you. Upload your Facebook post image and click the text on the left dashboard. Frame your original text and click on bold or use other text formats from the head dashboard. Then change the text to meet your liking Facebook Engagement Benchmarks. Above 1% engagement rate is good. 0.5%-0.99% is average. Below 0.5% engagement likely means that you need to realign your messages to that of your audience's expectations - and in the process attract more compelling and engaging contributions from your community members Creating a group on Facebook is easy. Follow the below steps to get started: 1) Click on the top right of your Facebook page and click on Create Group. 2) Provide a name for your group. For example, Technology Icons. 3) Invite people to your group to get the conversation started Boosting a post is very simple - just follow these steps! First, find the post you would like to boost on your Facebook page and click the blue Boost Post button. (Note: While I am using this recent post of mine as an example, this is not the ideal example because of the high percentage of the image that is text

Follow these ten essential steps to good Facebook etiquette to ensure you socialise without offending others or regretting your actions. 1. Think before you post Every post should be considered carefully. A status update that is inappropriate, rude, embarrassing or offensive may haunt you forever. 2. Protect your online person Post it, and then ask your Facebook friends, twittersphere or snapchatters to contribute tracks. Build out the playlist in Spotify, and make it public. Then add the link to the end of the thread There are several different types of Facebook ads your business can take out depending on your objectives. Some of the Facebook ad types aren't going to be super relevant to your plumbing business, so for the sake of saving you time, I'm only going to include the ones we've had success with for plumbers, including plumbing ad examples

The top 100 fake news stories on Facebook in 2019 were viewed over 150 million times — enough to reach every registered voter at least once, according to the report. 10. Joe Biden Calls Trump. Facebook pages from brands can offer a lot of deals, information, or relationships with employees. But when competing in a crowded marketplace, brands tend to adopt certain personas that can make.

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Facebook is working to penalize this practice, and it's not a good long-term strategy for driving user engagement or lead generation. If people feel misled by your posts, they won't come back for more. The example above is a good use of a short but compelling text that supports the photo and engages user For example, Facebook's content team will likely allow a photo of graphic violence with the caption This is wrong. But post the same photo with wording that celebrates violence or encourages. The latest influence campaigns also imitated posts by legitimate pages and groups on Facebook that advocate political beliefs, making it difficult to tell what was a genuine post and what was not But that's not what this post is about. In this post, we're going to break down some of the best Facebook video ads examples. With our analysis, we hope that you'll be able to build on the examples given and make them work for your business. But first, let's quickly lay the groundwork for video advertising. Do Facebook ads really work