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God i hate Hinata so much. Her only purpose of existing is for Naruto. Although female characters in Naruto are not that well developed, Hinata has not grown in anyway except for being able to be a little more open with her feelings than before. Even though Sakura receives more hate for being useless she actually has a purpose She's too nice. Naruto needs a controlling girlfriend- I've heard people say that as well. I mean, if you're gonna hate on Hinata, at least have a good argument. I mean, these are the same people who think we hate Sakura for no good reason when we have plenty of them

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Naruto somehow ends up in the past. He lives in secret persevering the timeline. And then he dies. Then because reincarnation is a thing, Naruto reincarnate as an orphan in the hidden leaf village. And he is born relatively around the same time as his past self is born Naruto Uzumaki felt nothing but hate towards Hinata Hyuga. But Naruto was a liar. Part 2 - The First Meeting. At the age of 6 Naruto Uzumaki knew one thing. That he was hated by the rest of the village no matter what age due to something he did not know about. He had seen the looks that the older people in the village and they were in one. If Hinata can hold off until Sakura uses her Seal and then bombards her with Vacuum Palm and Wall Palms, Hinata wins because those are long distance attacks that attack both chakra and internal organs. Who is the weakest character in Naruto? Iruka Umino. Did Sakura hate Naruto The Naruto series is one of the anime that's full of tons of great characters for fans everywhere to enjoy. One of those iconic characters is a girl that's been crushing on Naruto since day one.Her name is Hinata and she's one character fans have watched grow since the series started. RELATED: 10 Best Naruto & Hinata Moments, Ranked Throughout the series, watching Hinata grow from a shy girl. Just a normal day at konoha Sakura,Naruto,Hinata,and Sasuke just all have a regular talk. But later on 2 months have past. Sakura catches Naruto and Hinata kissing. Wait its not what you think! Said Naruto. Shut up Naruto!, I hate you So much just get out of my face! Sakura starts to run putting her hands into her eyes starts to cry

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497 Hinata: Sweetheart of the Allied Nations » by xHinaLovex A year after the war Hinata has still not heard from Naruto about her confession. When she overhears something on a mission she takes it badly and goes off on him. She takes a 2 yr diplomatic mission in order to get stronger and get over Naruto Though both the Naruto manga and anime series begin with the title character already entrenched in ninja training and knowing all of the other supporting characters, the movies have fleshed out much of their backstory. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, fans got to see just how Naruto and Hinata met.. In the middle of a snowy street, Hinata found herself the target of a group of bullies In the end, Neji had one of the most heartbreaking deaths in anime, dying while protecting both Naruto and Hinata--a fate he chose rather than accepted. 8 Hated: Iruka Iruka was Naruto's favorite academy teacher who also served as the orphan's father-figure, often treating him to his favorite ramen shop Hinata and Hanabi fight for the heiress position. Hinata is the oldest daughter of Hiashi Hyūga.When she was still a child, Hinata was almost kidnapped by the-then Head Ninja of Kumogakure, who was visiting Konoha under the guise of signing a peace treaty between their two villages.Hiashi killed him and saved Hinata, setting in motion the events that would become known as the Hyūga Affair

I think this question refer to how Naruto neglect his role as father in their family and some people think Hinata have to mad for that. Nope, their relationship was already on the level of understanding each other rather than forced compromise for.. 10th - Sakura is useless but Hinata is amazing. 11th - Hinata as a mom. Im speaking about the scene where she makes Boruto guilty for his feeling to his father by saying he was in much worse situation. And she fucking cried while saying it. I HATE that attitude. I HATE parents who make their kids guilty Chs 630/631/632 caused quite a few prominent Youtube reviewers to create videos bashing Sakura senselessly and then following up with videos whining about so much Hinata hate. Give me a fucking break. Hinata needs to slap Sakura. She could beat her ass so bad, Hinata deserves Naruto - she knows what love truly is, Sakura is such a stupid.

Tsunade's Profile. Tsunade (綱手) is the Fifth Hokage (五代目火影, Godaime Hokage) of Konohagakure, taking over after Hiruzen Sarutobi died. Along with Orochimaru and Jiraiya, she is one of the Legendary Sannin of Konoha, and the only one left alive after Jiraiya's death and Orochimaru's permanent sealing. She excels in medical ninjutsu marghe96 Feb 8, 2012. it's not about being narusaku or naruhina fan in fact i'm none of the two. i don't think naruto will ever stay with sakura or hinata. i hate when people say hinata always loved naruto so sh should be with him. so like someone say naruto did the same thing with sakura and he's not get her she still loves sasuke

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  1. But yes I do think he hates her...at first because she is of the main house and he is jealous of her privaleges. However... Spoiler: Neji stops hating her and the main house after Naruto's fight in Part 1. Hell, in Part 2 when everyone thought Hinata was dead, you should of looked at the expression on Neji
  2. I assume Naruto and Hinata spoiled their children. Being Naruto, who grew up alone, I think its natural for him to want to give his children the best things. Boruto has a computer, game consoles, and eats fast food as much as he wants. He is really a brat. This was what pisses many of the viewers off. They hate that Boruto is disgracing Naruto.
  3. Naruto didn't fall in love with Hinata in The Last: Naruto the Movie. Naruto is in love with Hinata throughout the whole story of Naruto, he's so stupid he didn't realized it as love since those flashbacks happened in their mission in the movie. Started when Hinata was saved by Naruto since they were young it started there

First published Jan 13, 2017. I hate you! I hate you so freaking much! Please! Just hear me out! Naruto Uzumaki, we're over, Hinata please don't leave me! ~This is a NaruHina fanfiction, but it will also contain a little bit of SasuSaku, ShikaTema, InoSai, and NejiTen. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the book.~ I hate her because: - She goes on and on about how Naruto makes her stronger, blah blah blah. Fast forward to part 2 and she hasn't progressed at all. - the shy-girl archetype never appealed to me. With Hinata, it's extremely annoying to see her sit there and waste panel space going Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun Hinata never grows up, what I mean by this is that she literally still faints in Naruto's prescence after 3 years. It's annoying how shy and stuttery she is.:blossom: My True Feelings On Hinata Hyuga :blossom: I hate her, no doubt about that. She's an overrated, annoying pile of uselessness Oct 26, 2017. 2,550. Jun 30, 2018. #6. Because hinata really loves naruto, unlike sakura. Naruto didn't really care about hinata's boobs, in the movie when naruto knew about hinata's feeling and how much she care for him, he understood her feeling. Also sakura is a bitch I won't take away the fact that Hinata was the only one who did stepped in to save Naruto. But by his request told everyone to stay out of the fight. OFC Hinata didn't care and still went. Every Naruto fan was waiting for the moment When Hinata finally tells Naruto the truth. & they delivered in the anime. Everything about that scene was.

Arata Satsuki Inuzuka Facts 1 Arata Hates His Father Whom Abandoned His Mother And Him For Four Years 2 Arata Anime Naruto Clans Naruto Powers . Then why would Hinata faint after one blow. Naruto and hinata relationship timeline. Naruto did not wear Kushinas scarf. Naruto and Hinata decided to get married and invited their friends and family 17 Feeling Pain. Via: Youtube.com Double4anime. Perhaps one of the most brutal scenes in Naruto, and the most telling of Naruto's feelings for Hinata, is when the villain Pain hurts Hinata. Pain was one of the worst villains in the series with a crazed idea of how to bring the world to peace no matter what the cost

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  1. Minato and Kushina are two suns, both are yang just like Sakura and Naruto. Hinata is quite the opposite of any of them, she's quiet, shy, reserved, mostly lacking confidence. I love to see how Naruhina shippers try to do mental and rhetorical gymnastics to try to fit Hinata into Kushina standards or try to distort her words
  2. The Last: Naruto The Movie spent a lot of time focusing on the budding relationship between Hinata and Naruto, helping both characters nail down their feelings and profess their love to each other. Oh, and it also developed Hinata's powers to a substantial extent. For instance, a great way to illustrate this point would be to talk about the sheer fact that freakin' Hamura Ōtsutsuki's spirit.
  3. Some Naruto stans think Hinata being a Naruto fangirl makes her better than Sakura. It just makes me hate her more cos her fanbase combine both Hinata and Naruto Uzumaki self inserts. A lot people feel outraged Sakura insulted Naruto being an orphan, I'm not, cos she's called out for it in the narrative
  4. Page 1 of 3 - whose more popular in japan, sakura or hinata? - posted in Naruto General: Ok, as we know, sakura's overall popularity poll beats hinata through the roof, adding up with the most recent poll, the seventh one, sakura finished sixth place with the total of 11, 550 votes, hinata isn't even in the top ten.But as of now, in japan, whose more popular
  5. Summary. Hinata and Sasuke's families have been feuding since the dawn of time, but one night the heirs of the two most fearsome vampire clans set their rivalry aside to share a delicious meal. (Spoiler: the meal is Naruto). SasuNaruHina

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  1. But, you hate Sakura 'cause she was mean to Naruto as a 12 yr old and people still hate her even if she changed into an awesome character. Sakura learns and progresses but still has her down sides. Hinata never learned and people still like her!! Why? 'cause she is cute and stuff. I'm nuteral to Sakura but close to disliking Hinata now
  2. Jan 27, 2019 - Explore Shivi R's board Anti-Hinata and Hinatard logic on Pinterest. See more ideas about hinata, hinata hyuga, naruto
  3. Hinata has shown naruto the strongest love there is, and while not direct at first, her actions were endearing enough to make Naruto realize how much she loved him and in turn,falling for her. If Naruto turns that down then he's possibly looking for a sadistic bitch, and it ain't love anymore at that point
  4. Hinata hates him for his horndog behavior and defeats him badly in spars, regardless of Kurenai's berating. Shino Aburame: [S. Canon Outfit] Naruto hater out of fear and logic. Relationship with Hinata is barely neutral and they can barely work together. Kakashi was still on Sasuke side and trains him to have Naruto's head on a platter
  5. Hinata represents the type of traditionally shy Japanese girl who stalks her crush or those she admires. Within the Naruto series, Hinata is usually seen watching Naruto. One could say she found Naruto admirable and attractive. His presence helped to relieve some pressure from her daily existence and gave her a sort of emotional connection
  6. Hello Japan Reference forums! I have come to enlighten the world that has neglected a obvious potential of TRUE love which will be revolving around Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga within this topic, It is indeed and unfortunately true that the naruto manga that's right naruto manga has ended however a new manga named Boruto will be which means naruto will once again become a open story.
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Naruto saved Hinata from bullies, and then, Hinata noticed how hard Naruto tries despite being looked down on by everyone. dare to accept that fillers can just be ignored and that it was clear that the Goddess would end up with the Alpha Male Naruto, and thus decided to hate the man. When the Princess turned into a Queen but the Pierrot did. Well, I hate to admit it but it was better than the food I cook at least. Hinata was looking at my face anxiously. Then I looked at her face and said my honest thoughts The food is a lot better than I expected it's way better than the food I cook Anti NaruHina. anti hinata anti hinata hyuga anti naruto ending anti naruto the last anti naruhina. Anonymous said: Hinata saved the world in the last!!! she is the heroine. Sakura just cried 'naruto naruto'. slashers-hell: Not really. :D Hinata was reduced to nothing more than a damsel in distress Naruto hates that when she licks him before ahs while she eats him but knows that it's the only thing keeping him from being digested in her. Don't worry Naruto, I'll keep you safe. Kushina said. Off the corner of her eye, Kushina saw someone looking right at her from behind a pole. She liked over at her and she tried to hide As Hinata is struck down, Naruto is stricken with the worst feelings he's ever experienced, as it states in bold letters by none other than Kishimoto himself. Given the fact that Naruto grew up surrounded by hatred, that's actually saying alot

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Hinata got strength from seeing naruto. It is a cute love story. She has only true feelings just for Naruto. She loves him due to his bravery. She know Naruto is an idiot but She also know that he will not give up. While Hinata was fighting with Neji, Naruto was the only person who trust in the strength of her She is absolutely lovely and caring, and despite her apparent weakness she can be the most determined ninja girl out there, especially when it comes to becoming a suitable match for her beloved Naruto. Hinata hates fighting and hurting other people, which is mostly why she was deemed as an unworthy heir to the Hyuuga clan as a child. However, s. Hinata is a shapely figure from Naruto so be sure to show that in this drawing step. Erase the mistakes a nd all the guides as well. more For the last step all you have to do is draw in the rest of the body or what you can see of it I hate you! I hate you so freaking much! Please! Just hear me out! Naruto Uzumaki, we're over, Hinata please don't leave me! ~This is a NaruHina fanfiction, but it will also contain a little bit of SasuSaku, ShikaTema, InoSai, and NejiTen

Allright i sm gettin sick of this shit becuz you guys dont even have a good clue why you hate sakura well ill tell you why you guys are alll wrong first: ok it shour was wrong when she ended inos frendship becuz of sasuke 2: She is usefull!!! did save lifes with medical jutsu and safing with power and is a good kunoichi and 3: She slaps naruto. Sasuke And Hinata Should Have Been The End Paring of Naruto Here Are The Solid Reasons As To Why - posted in Icha Icha NaruSaku: Hello Heaven and Earth forums! I have come to enlighten the world that has neglected a obvious potential of TRUE love which will be revolving around Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuga within this topic, It is indeed and unfortunately true that the naruto manga thats. Hinata Hyūga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a student at Konoha Gakuen, the former heiress of the Hyuuga Company and one of the main female protagonists in the series. She, like all the other main characters, is introduced in chapter 1, and is currently on a relationship with Naruto Uzumaki . 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Relationships 3.1 Naruto Uzumaki 3.2 Sakura Haruno 3.3 Ino.

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Neji initially hated Naruto for backing up Hinata, someone who Neji viewed as a failure. Neji was also disturbed by the fact that he struggled in his fight against Naruto, whom he felt was not a. Naruto becomes shy around Hinata. Naruto first met Hinata Hyūga when they were children, where his open kindness and courageous spirit earned him her admiration, which grew into love. On his part, Naruto remained largely oblivious to Hinata's feelings for him and even considered her weird because of her shyness around him

Why i hate Naruto, SPECIALLY SasuSaku. The following will be my opinion so if you can't accept other people's opinions, please move the fuck along. If you want to fight me at least bring solid evidence. Thank you . Many times I've been told to watch Naruto, i tried, belive me, i did In The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata's mission attire is a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse with vertical lines, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist.She wears a pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings and has changed her regular ninja sandals to black high-heeled boots. Overall, her attire is noticeably more form-fitting and less conservative than. Naruto Uzumaki is the protagonist and loveinterest of Hinata Hyuga in theNaruto series. 1 History 2 Biography 3 Romances 3.1 Sakura Haruno 3.2 Hinata Hyuga 4 Love Rivals 4.1 Sasuke Uchiha 4.2 Toneri Otsutsuki☀ Naruto was the only child of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. When he was born, an.. Hinata (born in 1993) is a girl who hates herself for not being able to change, but then does nothing about it. He spends all day harassing Naruto spying on him without realizing it, and gets wet every time he talks to him. Her cousin hates her to death because when they were very young his father had to die to save his unused brother's ass.

Hinata is an interesting character. She's one of my favorites on the show. Hinata is very quiet, secluded, and shy. She usually avoids social events, and she has a large affection for Naruto, which is sadly, not returned. (Or is it?) Her cousin, Neji Hyuuga, hates her because she is part of the main house of the Hyuuga clan. She tries to become. Hyuuga Hinata Hinata Hyuuga (NARUTO) #1422578. zerochan » NARUTO » Hyuuga Hinata. Entry by 0Lita0 on Thu Feb 7 18:44:13 2013. Linnyxito, NARUTO, NARUTO: SHIPPŪDEN, Hyuuga Hinata, deviantART, Hinata Hyuuga another Sakura/NaruSaku fan who hates Hinata for no reason at all. You can hate whoever you want, just take your stupid and rude. Sakura grinned in victory, I win Hinata...and that means Naruto-kun is all mine now..but I'll let you watch him love me... She giggled and waddled over to Naruto who was now awake and up on his feet. He gazed at Sakura's huge beautiful form...as the all feelings he thought he had removed for this girl all came rushing back with a firm grip on.

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Naruto and Hinata get married. Hinata is like N-naruto-kun, blush, blush, while Naruto is oh really Hinata you're nice and cute, thanks for cooking ramen for me. Blergh. zenzen444. Feb 03, 2013. I think I agree with Karls and Zuckerwatte. I don't have much liking to this pairing(I don't hate it, nor love it) yet this picture is done. Naruto hates konoha after blood prison fanfiction. This story starts from before naruto gets thrown into the blood prison this will also be harem fanfic which may contain lemons in later chapters. Naruto remembered that incident it was a month after the failed kidnapping of sasuke where jiraiya and tsunade managed to kill orochimaru CONTEST! Who has the most creative character! ENTRY remix by Naruto_Uzumaki999. DON'T CALL ME A NOOB!!!! by Naruto_Uzumaki999. (Naruto Edition )Jocelyn Flores by Naruto_Uzumaki999. Cartoon -On and On ( NarutoxHinata ) by Naruto_Uzumaki999. Grass Ain't Greener (NaruHina Edition) by Naruto_Uzumaki999. Take A Step Back ( Naruto Edition ) by Naruto.

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1 Background 2 Personality 2.1 Dark Naruto Edit 3 Appearance 4 Part I 5 Part II 6 Creation and Conception 7 Trivia 8 Q 9 References Naruto was born as the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and Kurama's second jinchūriki,Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto's parents named him after the main character of Jiraiya's first book, thus making the Sannin his godfather.[4] Prior to Naruto's birth, his. Naruto's success motivates Kiba's teammate Hinata Hyuga to do her best in the match against her cousin, Neji Hyuga. Neji, a stronger fighter who hates Hinata's family and is fatalistic, shows her no mercy during their fight

Naruto and Hinata went on a mission together and thats when they got to know each other more than ever. 15 Things Only True Fans Know About Naruto And Hinatas Relationship. Since you want to claim Hinata is more similar to Naruto then Hinata is to Sasuke Naruto. She Has The Best Genes Available. Sasuke and Sakura wouldnt be in such an unhealthy. Naruto's movement speed is around light speed at most, and is able to punch at around mach 2-5. Goku in fighting speed is around 45,000,000,000,000 times faster than light, and his movement speed is infinite with the Instant Transmission technique (with the exception that he has to sense his target)

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People hate Hinata for the same reason they hate Sakura. She's a horrible character whose potential was sacrificed on the altar of N-N-Naruto-kun, just like Sakura never became a tolerable character because of her sickening obsession with SAS-KEE-KOOOOOOOOON Hinata herself and one of her teammates, Kiba, didn't make it to the second battle round. Naruto, Hinata's admiration, and Shino, Hinata's other teammate do. Que Hinata being more concerned for Naruto then Shino. People love Hinata for being the shy, unconfident girl who tries her hardest to improve herself

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Hinata acknowledged Naruto from when they were kids in the academy, if you want to try to distort things because you dislike Hinata and don't count that, then she first tells Naruto how much he inspires her at the chuunin exam finals. That's before the Search For Tsunade arc, in case you forgot However, I feel that the romance between Naruto and Hinata is one of the most ineffectively implemented plot points in the series. Since early on in the manga, it was established that Hinata has a.

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The Last: Naruto The Movie spent a lot of time focusing on the budding relationship between Hinata and Naruto, helping both characters nail down their feelings and profess their love to each other. Oh, and it also developed Hinata's powers to a substantial extent. For instance, a great way to illustrate this point would be to talk about the sheer fact that freakin' Hamura Ōtsutsuki's spirit. Naruto And Hinata's Wedding Was Terrible, Was The Worst Wedding In The History Of Anime - posted in Naruto General: Hello NaruSaku Forums! This topic is to discuss why Naruto and Hinatas wedding was terrible, And the NaruHina fans are pissed and I mean pissed about it.. Naruto and Hinata BARELY spent any time with each other during this filler arc, other pairings such as LeeXTenTen, SaiXIno. Naruto while wearing a new replacement scarf, asked her why she was out here by herself, and while seeing her cry Naruto walks up to her. Because according to him, he doesn't know when he will see her cry again. Hinting that he hates seeing Hinata cry. Naruto then took her back to her house, and saw how big her home was Plainly, if Naruto didn't get forced and guilt tripped into a relationship w/ Hinata. He could've ended up admitting his love to Sakura, therefore hooking up w/ her. Sakura Haruno was Naruto's primary crush and love interest, all throughout the manga. I don't know why fans act like NaruSaku was impossible

Naruto Love/Hate: Hinata Hyuuga. Pick one: Love Her. Like Her. Mix Feeling About Her. Indifferent/Neutral About Her. Dislike Her. Hate Her. isisquinn10 posted 1 month ago Read I HATE HINATA from the story Team 7: Love and Betrayal( A Naruto Anbu Fanfic) by saucefromscratch (sauce!) with 1,406 reads. sasusaku, naruhina, narutofan..

Naruto just doesn't seem like his real self around Hinata, like we see with him around other people, as if Hinata is simply too fragile and can't take Naruto full-force. Naruto just never looks all that enthused or excited around her; it's like he's always having to tiptoe and hold back his true personality around her Haruno Sakura/Hyuuga Hinata/Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto. Fix-it fic. Alternate Universe. One-Shot Collection. Summary. The opportunities inherent in an unexpected survival have their benefits. The less safe-for-work companion pieces to the AU fix-it A Gift of Opportunity. Still written in no particular order. Series

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Hinata is so humble, Sasuke will tell her too marry her so he can revive the clan, he takes her away and Naruto goes in search of Hinata to convince her to leave the silly idea and Sakura will convince Sasuke to marry her and not Hinata, and Hinatas father will recognize Narutos bravery for saving his daughter and gives him permission to marry Hinata 0_ Short answer: Naruto saved Hinata from bullies, and then, Hinata noticed how hard Naruto tries despite being looked down on by everyone. Because of Hinata's borderline abusive home live, a simple act of kindness meant the world to her, and because Hinata was constantly belittled and treated as a liability and a mistake, she found inspiration in seeing someone who was viewed that way to an. I think sakura will split hinatas skull with this giant axe. now i´m pissed!!!! kei123456 hinata is not dead she will live forever. mefrense yeahhhh love it!!! go NARUSAKU!! sakurahurano ya sakura kill that weak hinata nobody likes hinata and everybody like sakura so kill hinata!!!! herrera142 that picture is a lie. anyway i hate hinata I hate SasuNaru fans! Naruto married Hinata!!! And Sasuke loves Sakura. I don't understand why haters go in our pro tag and say we hate gay people WELL I THINK SASUNARU FANGIRLS HATE WOMEN!!!!! Am I the only one that feels this way? Sasunaru fans draw sakura and hinata getting killed while sasuke kiss naruto. naruhina sasusaku sasuke.

Hinata Hyūga (日向ヒナタ Hyūga Hinata) or Hinata Familia (ヒナタ・ファミリア Hinata Famiria) as she is known, was a kunoichi of Konohagakure before being sent to the Warring States Period alongside the remaining members of the Allied Shinobi Forces. She lost her position as heiress of the Hyūga clan due to her father believing that her meek disposition made her unsuited for. After being labeled the village hero, Naruto had some unfinished business with a certain ninja. He walked into one of the now many tents littering the ruins of the once proud leaf village. His blue eyes meeting that of one Hinata Hyuga. Her wide lavender eyes immediately darting to the ground. oh n-naruto your here... she spat out hastily

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Naruto x Sasuke Naruto x Sakura Hinata x Kiba Hinata x Neji Hinata x Sasuke Hinata x Sakura RULES: Naruto OR Hinata MUST be present. Yaoi/Yuri and Gender-Bending is allowed Pre/Post Shippuden work is allowed Konoha Gakuen or Alternate Universe works are allowed PROCESS: Click the Contribute Art button at the top of the page The Naruto (Japanese: ナルト) manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Masashi Kishimoto.The series takes place in a fictional universe where countries vie for power by employing ninja who can use superhuman abilities in combat. The storyline is divided into two parts, simply named Part I and Part II, with the latter taking place two-and-a-half years after. 2. Bahamut.Egg · 3/20/2015. I don't think that lips touching is a proper definition of kissing - it might be for ten year old's, but that's why that time with Sasuke remains a joke and doesn't count. Besides, it is the first kiss between Naruto and Hinata. So even if we include that incident, it's still okay. Hanabi as an infant along with her family. Hanabi is the younger daughter of the Hyūga clan's head, Hiashi Hyūga.In the anime, while always looking up to her older sister Hinata and wanting to spend more time with her, Hinata's duties as the future heiress of their clan made it hard for the two sisters to have any quality time together. Watching Hinata and seeing her as strong yet so kind. Naruto goes from a clumsy kid who only wishes to become the Hokage, to a serious, hardworking, loyal friend who doesn't only want to save his friend, but also the whole ninja world from the neverending cycle of hate and despair