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The IWC Expert Advisory Panel on Entanglement Response Whale disentanglement is complex and dangerous. It involves small boat handling, ropes under high tension, sharp blades and panicked wild animals Disentanglement involves: A. the use of simple access tools such as a pry bar. B. removing a patient from a dangerous position. C. gaining access to a patient in a crashed vehicle Disentanglement procedures generally involve some control of the animal, cutting away gear using specialised tools, and documentation and follow-up of the event

(dĭs″ĕn-tăn′gl-mĕnt) A rescue technique used to free a trapped victim that involves removing the wreckage from around the patient (rather than removing the patient from the wreckage). For example, freeing a person trapped in a crushed car often requires the car to be pried apart with heavy rescue tools capable of cutting through metal Disentanglement puzzles (also called entanglement puzzles, tanglement puzzles, tavern puzzles or topological puzzles) are a type or group of mechanical puzzle that involves disentangling one piece or set of pieces from another piece or set of pieces disentanglement: (dĭs″ĕn-tăn′gl-mĕnt) A rescue technique used to free a trapped victim that involves removing the wreckage from around the patient (rather than removing the patient from the wreckage). For example, freeing a person trapped in a crushed car often requires the car to be pried apart with heavy rescue tools capable of cutting. Disentanglement of latent factors is an important building block in the development and widespread acceptance of machine learning solutions. Moving to unsupervised data Most real-world scenarios involve raw observations without any supervision about the generative factors The Disentanglement Network's first response teams are located at strategic sites, such as feeding and calving grounds and/or areas historically known to have entanglements, along the east coast of the United States and Canadian Maritimes. Members have extensive field experience with whales and small boat handling

In this definition, awareness involves diffuse consciousness of all facets of an individual's stream of experience, whereas attention reflects a narrow slice selected from that total experience Sometimes, as in this instance, it involves disentanglement of functions. Neither complete integration nor complete disentanglement can or should be fully achieved. What is needed is a balance.. When we think extrication, we are really talking about disentanglement — the actual removal of the vehicle from around the victim. Removal, or extrication of the victim, comes after the.. Now Landry plays a key role in the Atlantic Large Whale Disentanglement Network, a consortium of emergency responders that involves 10 teams and hundreds of people. This means that he is involved in most of the entangled whale rescue operations carried out on the east coast of the United States and Canada

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  1. It involves small boat handling, ropes under high tension, sharp blades and panicked wild animals. In Canada, Paul Cottrell, the Pacific Marine Mammal Coordinator for British Columbia, is an expert in disentanglement, while the Campobello Whale Rescue Team in eastern Canada, the Whale Release and Strandings Group in Newfoundland, and the.
  2. From there, the disentanglement team attaches a series of buoys to the fishing lines. This keeps the whale at the surface and slows it down enough for the team to catch up to it in a small, inflatable boat. But the fact that they're attached doesn't mean the whale is going to stop and wait; the disentanglement team often gets towed along behind it
  3. Our method requires neither supervision from an external model, nor involves complex spatial morphing operations. Instead, it relies on the emergent disentanglement of semantic objects that is learned by StyleGAN during its training. Semantic editing is demonstrated on GANs producing human faces, indoor scenes, cats, and cars
  4. Under disentanglement control, crystallinity has a small impact on the dissolution. A good solvent for cellulose involves high diffusivity, aggressiveness in decrystallization, and capability of disassociating the cellulose chains. However, it is not clear which of these factors and under what conditions should be improved in order to.
  5. Recent works have shown that a rich set of semantic directions exist in the latent space of Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which enables various facial attribute editing applications. However, existing methods may suffer poor attribute variation disentanglement, leading to unwanted change of other attributes when altering the desired one. The semantic directions used by existing.
  6. To report any live or dead marine animal entanglements, call 1-800-900-3622 or hail the USCG on VHF 16. Scott worked as a naturalist in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and particularly within the Gulf of Maine for many years before joining the CCS Whale Disentanglement Team more than 20 years ago. In addition to being a First Responder for the.
  7. Horizontal Stabilization involves stopping vehicular movement from front to back, which can employ chocking tires, deflating tires, putting the vehicle in park, and setting the parking brake.

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One variety of disentanglement puzzle involves a post, some rope with large beads on the end(s) and a ring. The objective is to remove the ring. Brian Gray, of Hacienda Heights, CA, makes many of these from high quality materials. The result is a very beautiful, and difficult, puzzle VAE/GAN approaches in representation disentanglement. Keywords: Representation learning, representation disentanglement, mu-tual information maximization and minimization 1 Introduction Deep learning success involves supervised learning where massive amounts of la-beled data are used to learn useful representations from raw data. As labeled dat

NOAA Team Gets Innovative: How a Bamboo Knife was Altered to Save Entangled Whale Calves. March 2021. The blade just won't catch. The whale disentanglement crew has been out on the Pacific under the hot Hawaiian sun for the past two hours tracking a female humpback whale and her calf. The crew huddles on their boat off the shores of Maui. The training algorithm involves a stochastic optimization method on the Stiefel manifold, which increases only marginally the computing time compared to an analogous VAE. Our theoretical discussion and various experiments show that the proposed model improves over many VAE variants along with special emphasis on disentanglement learning

Evaluating disentanglement performance on simulated data with non-linear step. a UMAP plots of simulated data colored by batch, path, step, and library size quartile.b UMAP plots of data colored by the ten latent variables learned by PCA, VAE, and β-TCVAE.c Bar plots of Spearman correlations between ten latent variables and each of the four ground-truth variables for PCA, VAE, and β-TCVAE [3], [4]. This usually involves adding one or more adversaries and multitask learners on top of the encoder to facilitate the latent space disentanglement with respect to the style and content space. Another paper that gave us inspiration is the original WaveNet paper [7]. WaveNet is a deep neural network for generating raw audio waveforms We decompose the evidence lower bound to show the existence of a term measuring the total correlation between latent variables. We use this to motivate our $β$-TCVAE (Total Correlation Variational Autoencoder), a refinement of the state-of-the-art $β$-VAE objective for learning disentangled representations, requiring no additional hyperparameters during training. We further propose a.

Animation via disentanglement. The standard or absolute animation involves copying the pixels of the source image to their locations in the driving video. This changes the identity of subjects. For example, when the source and the driving have different hair style, the standard animation visually enlarges the head, to match the head shape of. Ocean Alliance is using our drones to support large whale disentanglement attempts. Disentangling a large whale is a complex, difficult and potentially dangerous process. A high percentage of disentanglement attempts end in failure. Response teams must get very close to the whale in order to cut the lines that trap it Disentangle definition, to free or become free from entanglement; untangle; extricate (often followed by from). See more

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Divestitures involve extensive planning and speedy execution of the detachment of the business being divested from the seller before the transaction closes. The process also requires that the group in charge of the disentanglement must also handle the marketing and selling of the divested entity at the same time Disentangling a whale can be dangerous, even for highly trained responders, and can be stressful for the whale involved. Having a Large Whale Entanglement Response Program with skilled responders reduces the temptation for untrained members of the public to attempt disentanglement themselves

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dis·en·tan·gle (dĭs′ĕn-tăng′gəl) v. dis·en·tan·gled, dis·en·tan·gling, dis·en·tan·gles v.tr. 1. To extricate from entanglement or involvement; free. See Synonyms at extricate. 2. To clear up or resolve (a plot, for example); unravel. v.intr. To become free of entanglement. dis′en·tan′gle·ment n. American Heritage® Dictionary. The largest of these involves over 70 animals. 2013 : BDMLR sets up the UK's first and only specialised Large Whale Disentanglement Team to rescue entangled whales at sea. 2013 : Medics from across Devon and Cornwall rescue wildlife casualties in two separate pollution incidents involving the chemical polyisobutane (PIB) on the south coast A method to incorporate feature disentanglement mechanism into flow-based generative models is proposed. The proposed method successfully separates embedded features into the condition-dependent and condition-independent parts. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows. Section 2 states the preliminaries and Section Variational Interaction Information Maximization for Cross-domain Disentanglement HyeongJoo Hwang 1, Geon-Hyeong Kim 2, Seunghoon Hong , Kee-Eung Kim; 1 Graduate School of AI, KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 2 School of Computing, KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea {hjhwang, ghkim}@ai.kaist.ac.kr, {seunghoon.hong, kekim}@kaist.ac.k 2: The role of the EMT in the phases of an extrication operation is: A: similar to the phases of the ambulance call. B: directed by the designated Logistics Officer at the scene. C: varied depending if the EMT has certification in PHTLS or BTLS. D: direct care of the patient only after disentanglement and removal

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D-Disentanglement (Plan A and B are recommended) E-Extrication (Removal of the occupants) S - Size-Up Size-Up is an essential component in organizing on-scene activities and incoming resources. The size up process begins at the time of dispatch, which can include information receive The disentanglement itself, he said, could be quite revealing. Archive 2007-06-01. The disentanglement itself, he said, could be quite revealing. Financing Time Travel. It is sometimes called the process of disentanglement, to use a rather awkward sounding word much favoured by Mr. Ian Macdonald, your past president and my former deputy. The doctrine of disentanglement - the court does not want to get involved in religious entanglements. Religious Marriages and Domestic Partnerships (opposite sex) Hindu Marriages Singh v Ramparsad Application for an order declaring: o Marriage Act recognised the solemnisation / validity of Hindu Marriages o In the alternative: s11(3) of the Marriage Act = unconstitutional Govender v.

Faces of North Atlantic Right Whale Conservation: David Morin, Disentanglement Coordinator. February 07, 2018. 2017 was a devastating year for the North Atlantic right whale, which suffered a 4 percent population loss—an alarming number for this already critically endangered species with an estimated population of around 450 whales remaining Synonyms for disentanglement in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for disentanglement. 3 synonyms for disentanglement: extrication, unsnarling, untangling. What are synonyms for disentanglement

A highly invasive species, lionfish prey on native species, quickly destroying biodiversity and threatening ecosystems. Since they have a high breeding rate and are not subject to any predators themselves, they thrive and multiply. Florida Keys and Flower Garden Banks national marine sanctuaries have become home to the lionfish, and there have been sightings at Gray's Reef and Monitor as well. Historically, 'kegging' involved attaching barrels or kegs to whales by harpooning them. The extra drag and buoyancy of the kegs would tire the whale out and keep it at the surface. For disentanglement purposes, rescuers throw grapples or use hooks on the end of poles to attach to the gear already entangling the animal The approach to a crash involves a detailed 360-degree size up, scene safety measures, ongoing vehicle stabilization, safe patient access, disentanglement of the vehicle from the patient and. Links and collaborators Scottish Entanglement Alliance June 1st marked the launch of a new research programme to better understand marine animal entanglements in Scottish waters. The first of its kind in Europe, the Scottish Entanglement Alliance (SEA) brings together fishing industry representatives, researchers and conservation charities to provide a co-ordinated, comprehensive engagement.

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The discretized path integral expression for the reduced density matrix (RDM) of a system interacting with a dissipative harmonic bath is fully entangled because of influence functional terms that couple the variables at different time points. The iterative decomposition of the path integral, which Disentanglement training. Disentanglement operations usually require less personnel than a stranding event, but are highly specialised tasks with extreme safety risks. Rigorous training to comply with competency standards is required to ensure the safety of all involved This stored elastic energy E el = w per unit volume is available to pay for entropy loss on the order of k B T for each strand involved in disentanglement. Since the number of strands per unit volume is ϕ ρ N a ∕ M e (ϕ), we can equate E el to [ϕ ρ N a ∕ M e (ϕ)] k B T to arrive at a condition for disentanglement: γ c 2 ∼ 2, i.e. Causal disentanglement is the next frontier in AI. Using algorithmic information theory, KAUST researchers have developed an approach for inferring the causal processes that give rise to a complex.

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Disentanglement puzzle is a type of mechanical puzzle that involves disentangling one piece or set of pieces from another piece. 10.00 JOD. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Magnetic Balls Mixed Colors 5mm 216 pcs - Cube Size 3x3 cm. Create the shapes you like 15.00 JOD 10.00 JOD. Add to cart. The study involves the comparison between gene expression levels of pregnant women with an unripe cervix and women with a ripe cervix. Figure 3 a shows the results of ORA on the comparison. The significant pathways are focal adhesion, ECM receptor interaction, Amoebiasis, cell adhesion molecules (CAMs), small cell lung cancer, and dilated. Moreover, a new disentanglement loss function enables our network to extract main style patterns and exact content structures to adapt to various input images, respectively. Various qualitative and quantitative experiments demonstrate that the proposed multi-adaptation network leads to better results than the state-of-the-art style transfer. Alien hand syndrome (AHS) or Dr. Strangelove syndrome is a category of conditions in which a person experiences their limbs acting seemingly on their own, without conscious control over the actions. There are a variety of clinical conditions that fall under this category, which most commonly affects the left hand. There are many similar terms for the various forms of the condition, but they.

Disentanglement refers to a memory property of many parallel algorithms: computations are oblivious to the data created by other concurrent computations. This property is common and appears to be a fundamental one, probably because parallelism dictates some degree of separation This is a centuries-old script that plays over and over in American institutions of all kinds. And like the city itself, Pittsburgh's rich landscape of higher education is only most livable for some. Of course, I am not asserting that there are not times where minorities rise above the oppression Identifying quantum phases via disentanglement based on deep reinforcement learning. Authors: Zheng An, Chenfeng Cao, D. L. Zhou. Download PDF. Abstract: Identifying phases of matter is a complicated process, especially in quantum theory, where the complexity of the ground state appears to rise exponentially with system size

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Due to the blur information and content information entanglement in the blind deblurring task, it is very challenging to directly recover the sharp latent image from the blurred image. Considering that in the high-dimensional feature map, blur information mainly exists in the low-frequency region, and content information exists in the high-frequency region. In this paper, we propose a encoder. (SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Gary Freitag, Alaska Sea Grant's Marine Advisory Program agent in Ketchikan, retired in June after 13 years of providing educational and technical assistance and marine-related outreach for Southeast Alaska communities. His expertise, coupled with his passion for. Maximally-localised Wannier functions (MLWFs) are routinely used to compute from first-principles advanced materials properties that require very dense Brillouin zone integratio Moral hazard involves an hidden action (e.g. workers shirk, borrowers carry more risk) Adverse selection involves some hidden information (e.g. unknown risk class of a borrower) Andrea Manera, Alberta Pelino Bocconi University Observing Unobservables: a Disentanglement of Information Asymmetrie

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Humpback Whale Disentangled Off New York All Thanks to a Team Effort. July 31, 2020. NOAA Fisheries was notified by the U.S Coast Guard of distressed humpback whale in the Ambrose Channel of New York on Monday, July 27. The team successfully disentangled the whale on July 30 ending a multi-day response. Feature Story |. New England/Mid-Atlantic The loss terms are minimal and involve reconstruction losses for the two domains and a domain confusion term. Our analysis shows that under mild assumptions, this architecture, which is much simpler than the literature guided-translation methods, is enough to ensure disentanglement between the two domains Guided Variational Autoencoder for Disentanglement Learning Zheng Ding∗,1,2, Yifan Xu∗,2, Weijian Xu2, Gaurav Parmar2, Yang Yang3, Max Welling3,4, Zhuowen Tu2 1Tsinghua University 2UC San Diego 3Qualcomm, Inc. 4University of Amsterdam Abstract We propose an algorithm, guided variational autoen-coder (Guided-VAE), that is able to learn a controllabl Disentanglement and extrication will place severe stress on broken bones and injured muscles. This will cause intense pain. There are multiple medical options for patient management during the.

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quence of all future behaviors can involve many intentions, not all of which may be predictable from the sequence of earlier behaviors. To address these challenges, we propose a sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) training strategy based on latent self-supervision and disentanglement. Specifically, we perform self-supervision in th sired disentanglement to generate realistic and diverse im-ages belonging to fine-grained classes of birds, dogs, and cars. Using FineGAN's automatically learned features, we also cluster real images as a first attempt at solving the novel problem of unsupervised fine-grained object cat-egory discovery. Our code/models/demo can be found a Disentanglement threshold - large value means more disentangled edit, just a few channels will be manipulated so only the target attribute will change (for example, grey hair). Small value means less disentangled edit, a large number of channels will be manipulated, related attributes will also change (such as wrinkle, skin color, glasses) His current study involves studying the disentanglement transition of polymer chains via polymer tethered hairy nanoparticles. xl628@cornell.edu. Pooja Nath. Current position: Intel. Pooja Nath is from Himachal Pradesh, India and did her undergraduate in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. She currently studies the.

Emotional Entanglement Between Men and Women: Danger Signs. May 16, 2017. At a gathering of friends our host brought out metal puzzles and challenged guests to separate the pieces. This activity made for laughter, cheering and more than a bit of frustration as people attempted to solve puzzles. For most, puzzle pieces were so entangled the task. Music creation involves not only composing the different parts (e.g., melody, chords) of a musical work but also arranging/selecting the instruments to play the different parts. While the former has re-ceived increasing attention, the latter has not been much investigated. This paper presents, to the best of our knowledge, the rst deep learning.

Disentanglement training transcript - content drawer. DELWP creates thriving environments and communities. Whale Disentanglement Training transcript. So that involves attaching some ropes to the entanglement on the whale, then attaching some very large floats to those ropes. The aim of that is to slow the whale down, to tire it out, and to. Disentangling Giants: Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Combats Unintended Catch. By Rebecca Wilken. June 2017. Despite several coastal states, including California, implementing gear recovery programs in recent years to promote retrieval of derelict nets, tons of debris remains in our sea.Carried on ocean currents, fishing debris can travel across the globe

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Therefore, the dissolution of cellulose involves two inter-related phenomena: decrystallization and chain disentanglement. If a solvent can destroy the crystalline network of cellulose but is not capable to disentangle the chains, then the crystallinity of cellulose is reduced, however, no dissolution happens, as in the case of [bmim]Cl at 70. SR3 and Vancouver Aquarium team members remove a packing strap from the neck of a Steller sea lion. Disentanglement activities help to identify dangerous debris and keep it out of the water. Creating Washington's first marine wildlife hospital to care for native species including seals, sea lions, porpoises, puffins, and more

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The disentangled path sum involves multiplication of small n 2 × n 2 matrices (i.e., of size equal to that required to store the density matrix of the bare system), and the construction of these matrices requires a single sum of (n 2) r max terms, where r max is the temporal entanglement length, which in practice is equal to Δk max. Thus, the. Some serious puzzlers refer to these as disentanglement-style puzzles as they involve taking something apart and then re-assembling. Re-assembly can also be a puzzle and may be equally as tricky. NO this puzzle cannot be used as a normal padlock. Bad idea. Reminder. NO FORCE is ever required to solve the puzzle number of patients involved and the complexity of extrication requirements is an immediate priority. A reasonable guideline is an initial commitment of one company per five (5) victims. This is reasonable for extending initial and immediate care when numerous patients are involved in a major incident The spontaneous activity of working neurons yields synaptic currents that mix up in the volume conductor. This activity is picked up by intracerebral recording electrodes as local field potentials (LFPs), but their separation into original informative sources is an unresolved problem. Assuming that synaptic currents have stationary placing we implemented independent component model for blind. IRC Disentanglement dataset contains over 77,563 messages from Ubuntu IRC channel. Features include message id, message text and timestamp. Target is list of messages that current message replies to

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Conundrum may refer to: . A riddle, whose answer is or involves a pun or unexpected twist, in particular . Riddle joke, a riddle that constitutes a set-up to the humorous punch line of a joke; A logical postulation that evades resolution, an intricate and difficult problem; Literature. Conundrum (Lyons novel), a 1994 Doctor Who novel by Steve Lyons; Conundrum (Dragonlance novel), a 2001. Get Involved . By Briana Langford. This February, a call came in to the Hawaiian Islands Disentanglement Network about a distressed whale off Hawai'i's Big Island. Coordinators David Mattila and Ed Lyman from the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary and their team successfully freed the whale, but the outlook is still. We develop a theoretical description of the topological disentanglement occurring when torus knots reach the ends of a semiflexible polymer under tension. These include decays into simpler knots and total unknotting. The minimal number of crossings and the minimal knot contour length are the topological invariants playing a key role in the model. The crossings behave as particles diffusing. Mathematical puzzles make up an integral part of recreational mathematics.They have specific rules, but they do not usually involve competition between two or more players. Instead, to solve such a puzzle, the solver must find a solution that satisfies the given conditions.Mathematical puzzles require mathematics to solve them Vehicle Extrication. Procedures. Demonstrate a basic understanding of passenger vehicle extrication and the associated tools and techniques through participation in discussion and practical evolutions. Provide a basic understanding of scene operations at an incident involving the extrication of entrapped victims from passenger vehicles