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Definition of mendacious : given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth mendacious tales of his adventures Other Words from mendacious Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More About mendacious Other Words from mendacious Clearly pathologically mendacious! His denials were vehement; my GOd what a man can lie good; he must resign!! This JLP government is in a class by itself - seems like they spent the time in opposition training to deceive. Let me hear from those who think he MUST follow Mike Henr

Recording of PNP lead attorney KD Knight telling JLP Leader and Prime Minister Bruce Golding that he is pathologically mendacious, has deceived the people of.. To my mind, Mr. Joseph is pathologically mendacious, and continues in his usual manner, to twist the facts to the people of Saint Lucia. It is indeed a fact that between 2007 and 2011, the..

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Define pathologically. pathologically synonyms, pathologically pronunciation, pathologically translation, English dictionary definition of pathologically. also path·o·log·ic adj. 1. Of or relating to pathology. 2. Relating to or caused by disease. 3. Of, relating to, or manifesting behavior that is habitual,.. Abbi, 30: They are clingy and pathologically mendacious, and abusive! They say the most hurtful things, and then they can't handle when you say hurtful things back to them. My baby daddy is a.. They are clingy and pathologically mendacious, and abusive! They say the most hurtful things, and then they can't handle when you say hurtful things back to them. My baby daddy is a Gemini and we.

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  1. The American people chose to save their country when they voted this pathologically mendacious, would-be authoritarian out of the White House. In just 50 days, President-elect Joe Biden will finally sweep the trash out for good. Sponsored Links. Hope everybody is watching @OANN right now. Other media afraid to show
  2. istration used 9-11 as an excuse to invade and occupy Afghanistan in 2001 on the bases that Osama bin Laden was harboured by the Taliban Government and was..
  3. Dictionary entry overview: What does mendacious mean? • MENDACIOUS (adjective) The adjective MENDACIOUS has 2 senses:. 1. given to lying 2. intentionally untrue Familiarity information: MENDACIOUS used as an adjective is rare
  4. Unfortunately for our pathologically mendacious commander-in-chief, not everyone in his inner circle is toeing the party line. CNN reports that several sources familiar with the incident dispute Trump's account of events

The war on drugs has been a disastrous, pathologically mendacious failure. And there's too much money and too many careers involved to stop it. Afghanistan has not been America's longest war. The.. Crazytown involves Donald Trump at his pathologically mendacious and petulantly childish worst, so quick to anger that many of us were puzzled by his muted initial reaction when Nike announced it..

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In 1883, Theodore Roosevelt, then a rising Republican star in the New York State Assembly, spoke on the floor of that body denouncing Jay Gould and his associates, whom he called common thieves [who] belong to that most dangerous of all classes, the wealthy criminal class.. T.R. was the only great Republican President of the 20 th century. He achieved everlasting fame by. What doesn't change is drug availability and street prices as a result, which is to say, it's such a small amount relative to what is out there that it doesn't have any significant effect on the..

Also, I cannot get past the fact that she votes in lock-step to support a morally corrupt, pathologically mendacious oaf who has done all he can to sow chaos and to rip apart the fabric, 75 years. It is quite evident Mr. Editor that Mr. Persaud is pathologically mendacious and probably some day his conscience will force him to give a full and proper account of this missing aspect of his story. Regards, Jermaine Figueira APNU+AFC Member of Parliamen Yet frustratingly, five episodes in and with four more go to, we are barely any closer to knowing what turned Andrew Cunanan into a pathologically mendacious psychopath, much less a killer Despite losing the popular vote, thanks to America's Electoral College, its people installed an infantile pathologically mendacious man with glaring narcissistic and psychopathic traits, and no political experience, as their leader

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  1. Here's the already-famous clip of K.D. accusing the Prime Minister of being pathologically mendacious (via Afflicted Yard). As befitting the Prime Minister's role in sanctioning the hiring of the U.S. law firm Manatt, Phelps and Phillips and thereby triggering the whole debacle, K.D. Knight finished by suggesting that the Prime.
  2. Independence day decorations opposite the US Embassy in Liguanea, Kingston on Emancipation Day, Aug 1, 2012. Although Kingstonians were running around like chickens with their heads cut off yesterday preparing for the Emancipation Day holiday today a number of supermarkets and small stores were actually open for part of the day
  3. Pathological definition, of or relating to pathology. See more
  4. What did Black find to be vindictive, high-handed, contemptuous, sadistic and pathologically mendacious? What would motivate Black to publicly claim his wife Barbara is not grasping,.
  5. mendacious meaning: 1. not telling the truth: 2. not telling the truth: . Learn more
  6. It is ironic that Reichert used the word pathologically, as his mendacious and vituperative presentation demonstrates his own pathology, and it ain't pretty. One tipoff is his resort to the same sort of argument one gets from creationists and anti-vaxxers: Science has been wrong before, so we can't take anything a scientist says as valid

Lord Black described it as vindictive, high-handed, contemptuous, sadistic and pathologically mendacious, and promptly sued the author for $11.5-million. He was especially incensed at the. It is now evident that there are those in a section of the Fifa fraternity who are not only pathologically mendacious, but in the face of Fifa's stated position and its voluntary recognition of. You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. Friedrich Nietzsche. Inspirational, Life, Bullying. 713 Copy quote. To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. Friedrich Nietzsche. Bullying, World Suffering, Suffering

into the false consciousness that there is nothing mendacious about the Mendication Corporation. We may be talking the babble-blather of reconstituted blandness, but we are, in fact, a bona fide enterprise providing tangible goods in a ruefully abstracted economy. The global village punches holes in everybody's moral fabric, yet few among us have the global grandmas handy for the mending of. The public debate over critical race theory (CRT) is in large part a semantics argument, with the anti-CRT faction attempting to include all of the various cultural insanities people hear about.

Although pathological lying was first described in the medical literature over 100 years ago, it remains a poorly understood concept. Psychiatrists continue to grapple with the full ramifications of the condition, even though interest specifically in pathological lying seems to have waned in recent times. The impact of pathological lying deserves critical attention from forensic psychiatrists. In 1886, the German-born psychiatrist published Psychopathia Sexualis, which organized various forms of sexual perversion into three categories: hyperaesthesia (pathologically exaggerated sexual instinct), anaesthesia (absence of sexual instinct), and paraesthesia (perversion of sexual instinct). When he published the first edition of the tome. There is a website where the formulation of fictitious encyclopaedia entries is encouraged. It is called Uncyclopedia and is a haven for the pathologically mendacious. Here you can learn, for instance, that Richard Littlejohn donated half of the royalties from sales of his book To Hell In A Handcart to the Islamist terrorist group Hezbollah. This enabled Hezbollah to buy an extra pencil As conspiracy- mongering goes, this is worse even than Trump's association with the birthers. He is using a dead man, whose family has pleaded to be left in peace, for a mendacious political attack Synonyms for pathologically in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for pathologically. 14 synonyms for pathological: obsessive, chronic, persistent, compulsive, unreasonable.

The Close Reader; The Puritan Ethic. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. ''All Hail the New Puritans'' is the name of an anthology of short stories that. The president's constant Twitter barrage also adds to his totals. All told, the president racked up 171 false or misleading claims in just three days, April 25-27. That's more than he made in.

He is NOT in my contacts and he is pathologically obsessed with destroying my reputation for no sensible reason that I can conceive of. I have treated my hundreds of paying clients with the utmost professionalism and respect and for someone to flagrantly make these blatantly mendacious allegations is a metaphorical slap in the face Corrupt, mendacious, incompetent, autocratic, reckless, hostile to science, and pathologically shortsighted, the Bush government has disenchanted even many conservatives. But it is not clear what. The Leftists exude an unmistakable foul odor, a hideous phohorescent aura, and are pathologically mendacious. Delete. Replies. Reply. Reply (((Thought Criminal))) October 23, 2019 at 9:04:00 AM EDT In These Mendacious Times. Court dramas, when they're good, are always very good. I used to be addicted to L.A. Law while my parents would religiously watch Perry Mason. Nowadays I've taken a serious liking to the CBS drama, The Good Wife, and sometimes during the day I watch old episodes of Law and Order

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Black described Bower as vindictive, high-handed, contemptuous, sadistic and pathologically mendacious in the suit and claimed that he had been portrayed as incorrigibly and notoriously corrupt and dishonest, psychiatrically maladjusted, devoid of any redeeming or mitigating qualities Advertisement. Sen. Clinton was born in 1947, and Sir Edmund Hillary and his partner Tenzing Norgay did not ascend Mount Everest until 1953, so the story was self-evidently untrue and eventually. Joe was weak beer indeed, pathologically mendacious but not nearly crazy enough. 79. D0n Camillo. September 4, 2008 at 1:15 am. Joe was weak beer indeed, pathologically mendacious but not nearly crazy enough. In all fairness to Joe, Zell Miller set the bar pretty high. 80. Jackie

Synonyms for pathologically include compulsively, obsessively, chronically, irrationally, persistently, unreasonably, habitually, inveterately, clinically and. Michael Koplow, the IPF's policy director, dismantled the mendacious claims of Ambassador Ron Dermer, who wrote in the Washington Post that Bibi favored annexation because it was a step that would lead to a two-state solution. But this was, as Koplow put it, rank dishonesty, turning Israel's case for annexation on its head I look forward to seeing what the Ity and Fancy Cat Show do with our honorables: the Prime Minister, Ms. Lightbourn, Dwight Nelson's I don't recall and KD Knight's pathologically mendacious at the Mannat enquiry, or poor Buju. And lets not forget the viral Clifton Brown's Nobody Canna Cross It Season 4 of the Ity and Fancy Cat Show is scheduled and ready to begin, on Sunday July 10,at 9PM. The belly full of laughs is guaranteed to continue. But a word of warning, before you decide to sit down, and grab a few laughs to help you face Monday morning. Empty your bladder! Ki

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He is and he was installed as the attorney general and he is so pathologically mendacious. It has a mental illness He has a mental illness and the illness is strong in his man. That's the man is not a mandate like dishonest and he is attorney general. Everything that comes from his office is a lie You see, when Mr. Stephen Atubiga, the brash and mendacious member of the Communications Team of the National Democratic Congress, categorically asserts that It is only useless politicians who retire poor, the Bolgatanga native is forthrightly reminding Ghanaians that robbing the country raw and blindly is the foremost policy agenda and. The Lying Soul of Communism. Vladimir Tismaneanu. Lenin was born 150 years ago this week. His death 54 years later marked the emergence of a frightful new quasi-religious sect, with Josef Stalin as its high priest. B orn 150 years ago, on April 22, 1870, Vladimir Ulianov, universally known under his adopted revolutionary pen name, Lenin, had no. Ricardo Prezi Johnson is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Ricardo Prezi Johnson and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected

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On May 26, under the editorial headline Counting Mr. Trump's lies, The Washington Post called Trump's recent behavior mendacious and disgusting as well as dishonest On May 25, under the editorial headline Trump lies and lies and lies again, The Washington Post called Trump's recent behavior mendacious and disgusting as well as dishonest As a twenty-something corporate employee with a doctor-in-training girlfriend, Livingstone Modicai Ackerman--Liv, to his friends--personifies success. Yet all is not as it seems. His job is tedious and soul-gutting, his girlfriend is a vacuous, image-conscious snob, and, meanwhile, his pathologically narcissistic parents are constant irritants Buy a cheap copy of Hitler's Pope book by John Cornwell. The explosive ( The New York Times ) bestseller--now with a new introduction by the author When Hitler's Pope , the shocking story of Pope Pius XII that... Free Shipping on all orders over $10

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Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions Populistically created and steered conspiracy theories and mendacious reporting will increasingly come about and will lead the populace of all countries into confusion and make them believers of all those who, by exploiting the people, attain horrendous profits from the whole of the conspiracy lies and at the same time control the population A few days later he reflected that 'It is quite something to have a biographer who is even more hostile and mendacious than even the scurviest of tabloids'. That would make an eye-catching. Despite massive attempts to prevent their publication, Billy Meier has made these warnings available for those wise enough to heed them Predictions of Sfath at the contact conversation of Saturday, the 14th of June 1947 From Contact Report 717: Earth human beings will weep in the times to come, for there will be sad things, events, wars, Continue reading The Sfath Predictions from 194 Around the world more and more, peace will be hypocritically spoken of, while mendacious and sectarian national powerful ones furtively stir up wars and bring them to breaking out, and in every location families and neighbors who have become enemies prepare hell on Earth for each other or peoples and tribes who are enemies fight in bloody feuds

At present, a pathologically stupid and idiotic, intelligentumless pro-tramp-tramp-tramp-tramp fanatic mass moron movement is already emerging among the US population resp. among a large part of zealous and slavering Trump apostles. if the mendacious Bible book presentation would be believed, but which corresponds to a fraud, because. Spurious definition is - born to parents not married to each other. How to use spurious in a sentence. Did you know The governments seeking to impose total digital control over their subjects are pathologically dishonest, and utterly mendacious. We give our personal and financial data to our bank on the basis of trust, but we simply cannot trust the governments who are seeking to know everything about everyone Corrupt, mendacious, incompetent, autocratic, reckless, hostile to science, and pathologically short-sighted, it has even disenchanted many conservatives. But it is not clear what is to be gained by analyzing these vices as the desired outcome of some coherent political philosophy, especially if it entails the implausible buffoon sketched by. mendacious (1989, 42). My interest, therefore, is not in rape's status as an act of violence or an expression of physical power, but in its contribution to the realm of knowledge, its role in supporting a particular form of discourse and gendered subjectivity. How does rape hysterize women, both in the minds o

This mendacious propaganda plays a distinct operational role: preparing the ground and the hearts for the war crimes of the next operation. Under this guise of ignorance, pilots can embark with no qualms on bombing missions over the densely populated neighborhoods of Gaza and hang on to the illusion that they are only hitting arch-terrorists Donald Trump is the former president of the United States. He was elected the 45th president of the United States on Nov. 8, 2016. He has been a real estate developer, entrepreneur and host of the. When you pathologically hate someone who is demonstrably efficient at their job as Trump was, that makes you unstable as well. I don't expect much from Lars, he is what he is, a leftist troll with delusions of grandeur The Lib Dems have been crushed. Jo Swinson lost her seat; none of the defectors from the Labour and Conservative parties managed to either hold or take the seats they were contesting; the Liberal Democrats managed to overall net lose seats in an election where that seemed almost impossible going in. What follows is a [

By sharing conspiracy theories about the Rothschild family that a Jewish family dynasty secretly controls governments and banks, and that Israel created or controls ISIS [1], Ms White was making mendacious, dehumanising, demonising or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective especially but not. Ulam's pathological liar game with one half-lie Robert B. Ellis Catherine H. Yany Texas A&M University Abstract We introduce a dual game to Ulam's liar game and consider the case of one half-lie Donald Trump. Some Conservative Spaces Are Tribal and Toxic. Here's Why the Left Is Partly to Blame. Vox argues that right-wing distortions paved the way for Trump. But the problem is bigger than. In honour of the New York Times printing 282 Twitter insults written by the 70 year old racist Donald Trump, and in honour of GQ magazine listing 176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn't Be President, I feel somewhat compelled to write a similar list myself.. With that in mind, please find below 460 descriptions of Trump from a variety of sources. This bigly list of descriptions is so yuge that it.

In this apology, Sharon Osbourne, yet again, centers herself as a victim, skirts accountability, and doesn't deign to include in her mendacious mea culpa any amends to Underwood and Welteroth Pepe would have a bit more credibility in the ongoing reality debate if he didn't support a man so pathologically mendacious that he claims to support pre-existing conditions insurance coverage while seeking to overturn the ACA. If facts matter, why does the right routinely deny atmospheric physics (see: climate change) In Lying in State, Eric Alterman asks how we ended up with such a pathologically dishonest commander in chief, showing that, from early on, the United States has persistently expanded its power and hegemony on the basis of presidential lies. He also reveals the cumulative effect of this deception-each lie a president tells makes it more.

On Paradigm Shifting Operations Introduction For the purposes of this treatise, Paradigm Shifting Operations (PSOs) are defined as extremely large-scale hybrid-type operations which involve elements of covert action, psychological warfare, propaganda, indoctrination, social engineering, sociocultural warfare, and psychological terrorism. The primary objective of these types of operations is. adding that in modern times it has been used by making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as. The president's tweet was yet more evidence that he is pathologically mendacious, sickeningly reckless, mindlessly mean-spirited — and fucking nuts. But

India's public sphere was the first to erupt with war cries. Mess with the best, declared one aged Bollywood action hero on Twitter, die like the rest. Even the few commentators. They are (or were, in Hubbard's case) self-centered, image-obsessed, money-hungry, conspicuously mendacious sex pests who have enjoyed a lifetime of getting away with it despite all the safeguards society naively believes are sufficient to rein in men of this sort. It is almost enough to make one proud to be American.

Conrad Black, bestselling author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom and Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full, turns his attention to his friend President Donald J. Trump and provides the most intriguing and significant analysis yet of Trump's political rise.Ambitious in intellectual scope, contrarian in many of its opinions, and admirably concise, this is su All they want is for administrators to enforce the rules and stop being pathologically afraid of confrontation. Basically, Jewish and pro-Israel students want the same speech protections that anti-Israel individuals and groups now receive. But whether administrators will level the playing field is an open question No, China Didn't 'Stall' Critical Covid Information at Outbreak's Start. FAIR ( 6/21/20) has criticized various conspiracy theories propagated by corporate media alleging a coverup of crucial information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Chinese government, as well as the notion ( FAIR.org, 4. Alan, a wealthy american who is insanely jealous of his french wife,Josee the 100%ly unsympathetic character who, instead of leaving the pathologically horrible husband instead opts to sleep with a number of people including, during the course of a very short book, an ex-lover, no sorry two ex-lovers and a shark fisher

March 31, 2016 Rand Simberg 3 Comments. Thoughts from Roger Simon: Hillary is much better protected. She doesn't need Johnny Cochran or the rest of the Dream Team.. She's got something even more powerful than low-rent appeals to racism and phony charades about gloves that are somehow too small by Rudolf Hänsel Editor's Note: The German poet Wolfgang Borchert, in 1947, wrote a stirring essay entitled Say NO (to further wars). He died from war wounds at age 26. Now, on February 9, 2021, Rudolf Hänsel has provided a modern version, in German, published at Rubikon. You. Citizens in whatever country. When they tell [ This is particularly true when the war is a manhood ritual for masculine inadequates-think Kristol, Podhoretz, Sanders, the whole Neocon milk bar, and that mendacious wreck, Hillary, who has the military grasp of a Shetland pony. If you don't think weak egos and perpetual adolescence have a part in deciding policy, read up on Kaiser Wilhelm Gideon Polya (anti-racist Jewish Hungarian-origin Australian scientist, writer, artist and humanitarian) (2017): Netanyahu is the PM of nuclear terrorist, racist Zionist-run, genocidally racist, serial invader, serial war criminal, women-abusing, children-abusing, democracy-by-genocide, ethnic cleansing, pathologically mendacious, neo-Nazi.

This is particularly true when the war is a manhood ritual for masculine inadequates - think Kristol, Podhoretz, Sanders, the whole Neocon milk bar, and that mendacious wreck, Hillary, who has the military grasp of a Shetland pony In this apology, Sharon Osbourne, yet again, centers herself as a victim, skirts accountability, and doesn't deign to include in her mendacious mea culpa any amends to Underwood and Welteroth. She does, insultingly, include a line about not condoning racism, misogyny or bullying all the while her original tweet in support of. A popular aphorism on this side of the great divide is a line from the poet T. S. Eliot who wrote Humankind cannot bear very much reality. Most of the time it is part of a general critique of the age, with regards to the human condition